Will Beaty’s Offense Be Better Than Meacham’s?

The time for Beaty to prove he’s an offensive coach is finally hear…is what I said in 2016 during his second year on the job. Now here we are in Beaty’s fourth year and we’ve yet to see any proof of that.

And to make things even more confusing he has now fired two offensive coordinators in this time frame. TWO!

Am I the only one who sees how ridiculous this is? Imagine failing at your job only to blame the guys YOU hired. If it doesn’t make sense then don’t break your brain to figure it out. Because it doesn’t make sense. Not even a little bit.

Either way Kansas fans have no say in what happens. Which is fine because we’re not the professionals. We merely sit in our seats with harrowing looks on our faces wondering when this never ending train wreck will stop.

I hate to say it, but it won’t stop Saturday.

Which leads me to the question, will Beaty’s offense be better than Meacham’s?

To sum it up—no.

Year Coach Total Offense Offensive Efficiency
2018 David Beaty 116th 114th
2017 David Beaty 120th 122nd
2016 David Beaty 113th 126th
2015 David Beaty 119th 118th
2014 Charlies Weis 118th 101st
2013 Charlies Weis 120th 117th
2012 Charlies Weis 99th 81st
2011 Turner Gill 108th 68th
2010 Turner Gill 114th 104th
2009 Mark Mangino 47th 43rd
2008 Mark Mangino 19th 14th
2007 Mark Mangino 8th 11th
2006 Mark Mangino 48th 57th
2005 Mark Mangino 76th 98th
2004 Mark Mangino 102nd n/a

In the last 15 years Beaty has been responsible for the worst ranking in Total Offense and worst ranking in Offensive Efficiency. Not a good start for his campaign to run the offense again.

I guess he can argue that it was his offense that beat Texas for the first time since 1938. But that Kansas offense also finished with the lowest Offensive Efficiency ranking in the last 15 years. Which doesn’t say much for Texas.

But what can we expect from a Beaty ran offense?

Aside from the typical lack of production we can expect timeouts to be burned through much quicker than before, as if that was even possible. We’ll also see more penalties involving too many players on the field, not enough players on the field, or simple false starts or illegal motions.

We’ll even see the QB carousel like we’ve never seen before. Expect Peyton Bender to start the game and Miles Fallin to finish it. Who’s Miles Fallin, you ask? Good question.

Finally, when we do see a play finally make it past the snap I’m guessing we’ll see a lot of bubble screens, quick slants or hook routes for short yardage. If Beaty does allow any QB to throw deep he’ll tell them to pass it deep enough the CB can’t get it. The problem is if the opposing teams CB can’t get it neither can our WR’s.

One positive about Beaty running the offense, though, is we’ll see a lot more of Pooka Williams. Meacham was conservative on his approach with Pooka and tried to keep the offense balanced. He also wanted to avoid the freshmen getting hurt especially with Pooka’s lack of size.

But Beaty has no more mulligans. His only option is to get the ball in Pooka’s hands as much as possible. The problem is this plan won’t work in Big 12 play. Every Big 12 team saw what Baylor did to our run game and they’re one of the worst defenses in the league. Stack the box and you’re set.

I can’t sit here, though, and honestly say Meacham deserved a raise or even to keep his job after this year. But what I can say is of all the decisions Beaty has made, good and bad, this was the most surprising, and definitely the most ignorant. I’m confident this will be clear come Saturday and if all goes expected the game will be over before Beaty has a chance to burn all of his first quarter timeouts. Yes, first quarter.

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  1. Agreed. More than likely we’ll be down 21-0 by the end of the 1st quarter, 28-7 by halftime. Beaty won’t have a clue what to do. He will again be out matched and out classed. I guess it’ll just be more ammunition for Jeff Long to use to justify firing him at the end of the season.

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