Will Beaty actually coach KU in 2018? Maybe not…

1-11… 1 and 11… 1 & 11… one and eleven… It doesn’t matter how you cut it, this year was just bad.

I’ll be honest, at the beginning of the year I had hope. I confidently picked KU to win four games. But in the back of my mind I thought maybe good fortune will finally strike them this year and they can end up with a few lucky wins and then possibly a Bowl game. Wrong.

After going 2-12 in 2016 and beating Texas, KU Football went 1-11 this year, with its only win (38-17) being against an FCS team in SEMO that finished 3-8. Ouch.

Not only that, but in over half of their games they lost by three or more TD’s. And in six of those games they lost by 29 points or more, with one of those teams being completely winless at the time (Baylor).

Understandably, at the end of the season the question begged; will Beaty be around next year after going 3-33 in 3 years and regressing in his third year? From the looks of it and the ‘support’ by the Chancellor and AD, yes he will. But I wasn’t happy with that answer.

And I’ll tell you why.

There hasn’t been a coach in a Power 5 Conference that has started his career 3-33. Not one. And if there was a coach on his way to that record, he wasn’t allowed to finish it.

But Beaty is being kept and for two main reasons:

1.) Zenger wants to stop the coaching carousel and give Beaty his five years.

2.) The 2018 recruiting class.

The problem with reason number 1 is the last two coaches were fired after only completing 2 years (Weis was fired a few games into his 3rd year). Beaty was given a full extra year to get it going and obviously did not. This doesn’t follow the same 2 year firings as the previous two coaches.

Also, most people can understand how a coach that has only won one game in FBS and three games total in 3 years could be fired. It’s logic.

As for reason number 2, the 2018 recruiting class has been slowly falling apart. They’ve lost a commitment from their number one guy, Devonta Jason, a 4 Star WR, and a few other recruits from Louisiana. They still have a few that are committed (Coe Harris and Anthony “Pooka” Williams) but they’re receiving a ton of offers from other high profile programs. It doesn’t seem logical that they pick KU.

On top of that, they lost a commitment earlier on from Texas HS QB Clayton Tune to only have him recommit and then get an offer from Ole Miss who’s QB just transferred. It doesn’t seem likely they’ll get him signed either.

Finally, the number of JUCO/Transfer players in this class keeps building and building. Kansas currently has 15 commitments, with 8 of them being JUCO transfers and 1 graduate transfer player. That’s over half that are transfers. Not good when you consider the scholarship issues Kansas has already had.

So given that information, I decided to reach out to the University of Kansas Chancellor, Dr. Doug Girod, to see if I could get any sort of response. And surprisingly enough, I did.

My email:

Hello Dr. Girod, 

I really hope you’re paying attention to KU Football. We’re losing a large part of our class and replacing them with JUCO players. Isn’t there a violation for having too many JUCO recruits in a class? And not only that, but won’t that hurt our scholarship numbers when these guys are only in the program for 2 years instead of bringing in HS talent that can be here 4 years, or even 5 if redshirted? What is this “plan” that Beaty has that your endorsing? What if KU Football goes 0-12 next year? 

I only write this email because I care and I have great pride in the University of Kansas. I have all the respect in the world for Beaty but the only reason to keep him for next year was his recruiting class. Now that he’s losing that, I think it’s imperative that we act immediately and move on with a proven coach and AD.

I would hate to see you as the Chancellor if KU gets removed from a Power 5 Conference. You’ve worked way too hard at what you’ve done and continue to do to have that tied to your name. And on top of that it would lose the University millions of dollars in revenue. 

Again, I have all the respect in the world for you and David Beaty, but it’s time to save the sinking ship instead of letting it plummet into non existence. Please do what’s right and bring in a proven coach and AD. 

With much respect, 

John Fitzgerald

His response:


What does this mean?

Well, first off, he responded. I can’t imagine how many emails he gets each day and to take the time to respond to mine meant a lot and shows he does in fact care. Second, he mentions it’s a “challenging situation.” To me this means he’s acknowledging that he’s conflicted, and that means he’s not fully settled on the current solution in place, being Beaty and Zenger. And finally, he goes on to confirm that statement by saying “it’s under review.”

It’s a lot to think about given the current state of the program. Will Beaty actually be around next year? Or will Dr. Girod pull the plug? I think we’ll know a lot more after Wednesday, which is the early signing period for 2018 recruits.

Stay tuned…

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