Why KU Football?

People often ask me, why do you love football so much? It’s simple—football is war. Not a bloody death-filled battle, but an artistic battle of strength and wit between two opposing generals. And it’s not just about who can hit the hardest or who has the best athletes, it’s about which general can best prepare his squadron for the battle.

It’s a beautiful and inspiring sight, especially watching a coach with a team that has no chance rise above the doubt and conquer. Kansas used to be that team under Mangino.

But why KU football, you ask? Great question considering their history.

I guess the easiest way to explain it; love at first site. I’ve been a Jayhawk fan from the moment I was born. It’s been a family thing. From my grandma and grandpa, to my aunts and uncles, on to my mom and dad, then all the way back to me. The love runs deep and crimson and blue is forever ingrained in our hearts.

That love is exactly why I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to blog about KU football. My goal is to let my passion for football shine through, but at the same time remain as objective as possible.

Let’s discuss the topics, debate our views, and teach each other, and then hopefully celebrate some KU football successes together. Not many people get a chance to do what they love and I feel this is my chance to do just that.

Rock Chalk!

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