Why Hasn’t Beaty Been Successful?

Sometimes it’s easy to identify why a coach isn’t successful. But in a lot of cases it’s not so easy. In Beaty’s case, it’s not easy at all.

He’s the type of coach that you want as the face of your program. He’s energetic, he’s positive, he’s a good speaker, he loves his players, he loves his family and he’s a God fearing man. But when it comes to winning football games, he’s just not very good.

But why is that? How can he be such a good person and seemingly do all the right things but fail at the most important thing—winning?

I don’t want to come off as someone who has experience in coaching or someone that knows how to be a successful coach, so know that this is strictly my opinion on what makes a coach successful.

But based on my experiences and observations I’ve listed a few identifiers that could be Beaty’s problems or short-comings.

  • We’ve seen he’s a solid recruiter, but is he getting the right players for the program? Do they fit with the scheme he’s wanting to run and do the players fit the programs needs? It doesn’t matter what star ranking the player is, although that can generate hype in a fan base, but what matters most is if the player even fits. And it’s not as simple as finding a QB that runs an air raid offense, which is the type of offense Beaty runs. You have to make sure that player has a high football IQ and understands the game. You also have to make sure the kid is tough and fits into the culture you wish to bring into the program. A QB has to have high intelligence but they also have to have a short memory when it comes to making bad plays. And most importantly, is the QB confident and have a swagger about him? I don’t want a quiet reserved guy as my team leader, I want someone who will feed everyone else on the team with his energy and confidence so they follow him right onto the battle field without hesitation. But finding the right players is far beyond just the QB. The coach has to understand what he’s looking for in each position and find the right player that fits.
  • Are plays being executed properly in practice to the point where the players don’t even have to think about it, they know exactly what to do every time? And if they make a mistake do the coaches know how to identify why that mistake was made and relay it to the player so that they understand it? A wise man once told me “coaching is teaching, and every player learns a different way so you have be able to identify that and teach them in a way they’ll understand it.” That wise man was Mark Mangino. But it’s no easy task to make that successful identification. And it’s not something every person or every coach can do.
  • Are players and coaches being held accountable when they make mistakes? And are they held accountable for the role they have on the team? I’m not a fan of coaches yelling, screaming or cussing at their players when they make a mistake. And that doesn’t have to happen. But what needs to happen is that player needs to understand their role and how important it is to the team. If they don’t hold up their end of the bargain it can slow down and hold a team back. And it’s not about punishment, it’s about teaching responsibility.
  • Do the players and coaches have confidence in the system and culture put in place? Are they shying away from challenges and finding easier ways around them or are they taking them head on and not backing down? And most importantly, do they believe in themselves? Do they actually believe they can go out and win every game? That same wise man I spoke about earlier told me, “confidence is key; if you believe you can win, you have a good chance at it, but if you don’t, then you’ll probably lose.” The players and coaches may say they have confidence, but saying it and actually having it are two very different things.

Again, I’m not saying all of these or any of these are Beaty’s problem, but they could very well be.

The next issue is if they are, how does he fix them? Unfortunately until he identifies the problem or until someone else points it out to him, he’s a sitting duck. One thing is for sure though, we’ll know by Christmas if he’s identified it. My hunch is he won’t but until then I’ll do my best to support him and the players with hopes of some legitimate progress this year.

Also for your viewing and listening pleasure I’ve included an important word from Nebraska Head Coach Scott Frost. This guy gets it and if you want to hear a true coach speak look up more of his press conferences both during his short time at Nebraska and during his time at UCF. Enjoy!


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4 Replies to “Why Hasn’t Beaty Been Successful?”

  1. I think there are plenty of reasons why he hasn’t been successful. I’ll start with missing with several of his staff hires. Obviously Rob Likens didn’t work out as OC, Bowen is flatout a terrible DC and Deforests special teams cost us a win vs KSU last season. We had changes at several other coaching spots like defensive line, linebackers, offensive line and our strength and conditioning coach, Mangino touched on just how important a S&C coach is in your podcast. Letting Dawson go to KSU was a huge mistake. Secondly micro managing those spots hurts the team and staff. Your basically telling the staff and team you don’t trust the staff you put in place. Next I’ll say management of clock and the game in general. We had some silly moments late in game and the season where we had to burn a timeout because no one knew where they were supposed to be. He went for on several silly 4th downs and didn’t go for several against KSU in plus field position with a struggling special teams, there where a couple of times we punted for less than 15 yards on their side of the 50. Development of players, which player that has been here for a couple of years has improved by a fair amount? I’d say absolutely no one has. This staff has flatout failed to improve guys and to build a program as Synder and Mangino did in this state you have to develop the players you can get period. Recruiting, Tony Hull has done a great job getting guys here and has been a bright spot on our staff but the classes aren’t setup favorable for the future. Tom Keegan just ran a article about how if Beaty is fired the scholarship numbers will pretty be the same as he inherited. That is probably Beatys biggest failure IMO. He also has taken too many Juco guys. I get why he did this season but his first two classes,if he was smart he would’ve sold out on HS kids, only taking two or three of the juco guys. Only 11 players remain from his first class including letting some talented guys go like Wills and Stenburger :(misspelled) who looked great in spring games at their respective school this year. Those are some of my main issues with Beaty, yes he’s a good man but he realllymhas done fart fire nothing to help this program thus far other than his fluke win vs Texas.

    1. I can’t say I disagree with you. The coaching turnover along with not sticking to HS recruits and bringing on too many JUCO’s is going to keep us in a loop of sadness. Benton Smith wrote an article just recently as well stating Beaty isn’t concerned about the only two committed recruits. That’s a bold faced lie. We’re last in the nation in recruiting for 2019. How can that not make you feel nervous or concerned?

  2. I think one of the root causes for Beaty’s lack of success is he had never been a college head coach before. I think all the snafus that happened during games the past few years can at least be attributed to Beaty’s inexperience. He just didn’t know what to do and couldn’t keep up with the competition across the field on game days. Maybe that’s an oversimplification, but I do think hiring a non-proven head coach is at least part of the reason KU can’t seem to win. This is the B12, a power 5 conference. This isn’t the Sun Belt. You can’t go to battle with some noob and expect to win consistently.

    1. You’re right. His inexperience has definitely shown and it’s set us back even further. If your home burns down who do you call to rebuild it? A guy brand new to the business who’s never rebuilt a home or the guy that has loads of experience and great reviews? I’m going with the experienced guy every time. That’s what has happened to KU. Their football program is their home and it has burned down. But they brought in the new guy to fix it and he has no clue what he’s doing.

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