Was Firing Meacham a Wise Choice?

Of all the things that could have happened today Beaty firing Meacham was one that could have been filed under “never gonna happen.” But I should have known better.

It’s not just the firing that was confusing and unexpected, though, it was the timing as well.

After 3.5 years on the job Beaty’s record is now 5-37. Many expected him to be fired after the bye week but it never happened. Actually, before the Monday after his presumable last game AD Jeff Long even gave his support to Beaty. And for the second time this year.

But was firing Meacham really necessary?

Year O.C. Total Off Pass Yds Rush Yds 3rd Down PPG Int’s Off Eff.
2018 Meacham (6 Games) 348 ypg (111th) 180.8 ypg (110th) 166.7 (75th) 33.3% (111th) 27.7 (82nd) 2 111th
2017 Meacham 329 ypg (118th) 226.4 ypg (68th) 102.6 (125th) 28.9% (125th) 18.7 (120th) 17 122nd
2016 Likens/Beaty 360 ypg (106th) 240.4 ypg (68th) 119.1 (116th) 32.8 % (116th) 20.3 (120th) 16 126th
2015 Likens/Beaty 332 ypg (86th) 218.6 ypg (69th) 112.9 (121st) 36.5 % (91st) 15.3 (123rd) 14 118th

The offense has improved even if it hasn’t been by much. And judging by Beaty’s entire tenure at Kansas the offense has never been very good. Which leads me to believe it can’t all be Meacham.

But this in fact marks as the second offensive coordinator that Beaty has now fired. As we know Rob Likens was the OC before Meacham and he was also let go in his 2nd year on the job. He’s now at Arizona State with Herm Edwards and is doing pretty well.

Year O.C. Total Off Pass Yds Rush Yds 3rd Down PPG Int’s Off Eff.
2018 Rob Likens (ASU) 416 ypg (62nd) 241 ypg (65th) 175.2 (69th) 42.1 (47th) 29.8 (69th) 1 22nd

This isn’t a very big sample of stats but one can easily assume that Likens wasn’t the issue while he was at Kansas either. Why aren’t these OC’s succeeding under Beaty? Is he holding them back and limiting their play calling ability? My guess is yes.

Aside from whose fault it is that the offense has been so bad during Beaty’s time at Kansas, it’s even more confusing that he’s been allowed to fire both of them.

When firing assistants it costs the University money and they end up paying them not to coach. And Kansas isn’t exactly in a place where they can afford the extra expenditures.

They also can’t afford the hit on recruiting either. If Beaty thought convincing players to come to Kansas would be hard after getting a new boss he’ll certainly have issues trying to convince them to play for an OC that doesn’t even exist.

But that’s not the most troubling issue of all. It’s the fact that since Beaty fired Meacham it’s likely he’ll last the entire year and potentially even be back in 2019.

I can’t imagine a world where Jeff Long looks at Beaty’s career at Kansas and thinks that bringing him back in 2019 is even an option. But it also didn’t seem like allowing Beaty to fire any coordinators would have been an option either.

Either way these are very concerning times for Kansas football and today didn’t make them any more optimistic. Our only hope is that Long does in fact have a plan which means he’s currently searching for Beaty’s replacement as we speak.

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4 Replies to “Was Firing Meacham a Wise Choice?”

  1. I think it’s just Beaty throwing his last Hail Mary to get the offense going. Let’s face it if the offense was decent we would’ve beat Nichols and Baylor, possibly WVU. Bowen has taken heat for years and rightfully so but he has done good this season. How much of that is because of Bill Miller at linebackers coach idk but the defense is good enough to win B12 games IMO. If he has any hope to win he needs to figure out how to get Pooka the ball in space, it’s actually quite simple to me. Just watch a couple of Chiefs games and see how they get Hill the ball. Herbert isn’t getting enough carries for a guy averaging over 6 yards per carry. Pooka and Herbert can be a solid 1to 2 lunch if used right and why we never run a type of jail break screen to Pooka is mind boggling. We also have a Top 5 WR in program history in Sims JR that hasn’t gotten the ball enough. I’d be shocked if Beaty didn’t start Kendrick and run about 45 bubble screens that get blown up in a couple of weeks.

  2. I too am surprised Long allowed Beaty to fire Meacham. Perhaps Long just wants to see how Beaty does during this season and then evaluate. Based on all the information we have, I can’t see how Long would see Beaty as a viable option for 2019. Perhaps Long is just letting Beaty dig his own grave so to speak. Beaty is clearly over matched in B12 play (only 1 win in 3.5 years!). Perhaps Long is simply keeping tally of all Beaty’s failures so he has enough ammo to justify letting him go at season’s end. I don’t even know anymore. The whole program remains in shambles. I’m so sick of this.

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