Top New Comers – 9. Ezra Naylor WR

Coming in at number 9 on my list is JUCO WR transfer, Ezra Naylor. He transferred from Iowa Central CC and played HS football in Atlanta, Georgia.

Last year at Iowa Central CC Naylor had 19 receptions for 292 yards and one touchdown in 11 games.

Kansas lost top receivers in Steven Sim, Jr. and Jeremiah Booker, so it’s important that they added some new faces to the core.

But Ezra Naylor isn’t just a new face, he’s an NFL sized WR with some serious talent.

Standing at 6’4 and weighing in at 210 lbs., Naylor has the size to be a force in college football. His stats don’t necessarily jump out at you but it’s his size and potential that stand out.

The WR core is as important as any, especially on a Big 12 offense. Kansas returns potential top 2019 contributors in Daylon Charlot, Evan Fairs and Stephon Robinson. They also bring back guys who have the potential of having a breakout season in Quan Hampton and Takulve Williams. They even added another big time JUCO WR in Andrew Parchment, who is also on my list.

There are definitely guys ahead of him that could step up and have a big year, but there will be plenty of opportunities for Naylor to make a name for himself.

What I like about Naylor the most is his ability to jump up and get the ball. He has a great set of hands and combined with his athletic ability can really make it hard to be guarded.

Another thing that stands out is his speed. Even at 6’4 Naylor runs a 4.5 40-yard dash. That’s a pretty good set of wheels on a guy with that size. This also makes him a deep threat.

My guess is Naylor is a guy that gets targeted often in the red zone. He has the size, hands and athleticism to come down with the ball. He’s also the biggest WR target on the team, so it makes sense that he’d be the main target when in that area.

I predict he’ll end up with 30 receptions, over 300 yards receiving and at least 3 TD’s. This may not seem like a lot but it’s his first year at Kansas and there is some solid competition ahead of him. I look for Naylor to make a mark this year and then next year have a breakout season giving himself a shot at the NFL.

For more info on Ezra Naylor check out Michael Swain’s scouting report on him.

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  1. With his size and speed, it’s shocking he didn’t put up monster numbers at Juco level. Safe bet would be that he needs some coaching. Some of the best WRs haven’t been blessed with ability, getting him to run go routes and catch the ball will be key.

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