Top New Comers – 6. Valerian Agbaw

The sixth player on my list is true freshman CB and return specialist, Valerian Agbaw.

Agbaw played HS football in Powder Springs, GA at McEearchen HS and lined up on both sides of the field as CB and WR. He was also a kick returner.

What stands out about Agbaw the most is his speed. Per Michael Swain of 247 Sports, Agbaw has a self-reported 40 yard dash time of 4.28 seconds. That’s easily the fastest on the team.

And to put it into perspective Swain wrote, “only seven players have run a faster 40-yard dash time at the NFL Combine since 1999.”

Being that Agbaw will be playing CB, which is a very deep position for Kansas, he’ll likely get most of his reps as a special team’s returner. I could see him as a punt returner and/or a kick returner.

Les Miles did mention that senior WR Stephon Robinson will likely take those duties, but if Agbaw is that fast you have to think he’ll definitely get some reps.

This is a huge pickup for Kansas, though, because having a strong special teams is key in winning games. It’s about the battle of field position and to have a guy with Agbaw’s speed makes him a threat to score a touchdown or get a solid chunk of yards on every return.

He won’t just be a return specialist, though. Agbaw is a talented CB and has some solid cover skills per his highlights. He has the speed and quickness to keep up with just about any receiver in the country and is incredibly athletic.

I’m not sure we’ll see him lined up at CB much this year because of the depth. He’ll have to beat out guys like Coe Harris, Hasan Defense, Kyle Mayberry and Elmore Hempstead Jr., all of which have more experience. But if he takes advantage of every opportunity he gets Agbaw could be a big piece in providing that additional depth.

Again, I don’t see Agbaw getting a ton of time at CB, but I’m going to predict he’ll have a few touchdowns from special teams. I also see him as a solid cover guy on special team’s coverage and he’ll even get a few tackles.

It’s possible Agbaw could be a redshirt candidate for this year, but if he’s prepared enough to be on the field this year look out for his speed. He has the potential to be absolutely electric.

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