Top New Comers – 1. Les Miles

Number one on my new comer list is none other than new Kansas football head coach, Les Miles.

Okay, I did say my list would be all players then I go and finish the number one spot with the head coach. But, I made the rules so I can break them. And to be honest, Miles is truly the top new comer for this year.

Since firing Mark Mangino in 2009, Kansas football has a combined record of 18-108. That’s a 16.6% winning percentage.

Miles has won 142 games out of 197 in his career, good enough for a 72% winning percentage. He also has a 9-6 Bowl Game record along with one national title in two national title appearances.

It’s not difficult to see why Miles is the key to this turn around for Kansas football.

He also has a knack for recruiting as he had many top 10 classes at LSU. This is one area Kansas deeply needs help at especially with their scholarship deficit.

And the truth is, Kansas hasn’t had a proven football coach since Mangino. And Mangino didn’t get hired as a proven coach, he did his proving during game days.

One could even argue the Miles hire is one of, if not the biggest name hire in Kansas football history. And it comes at the best time for the program as they’re having the biggest slump they’ve ever had.

What Miles will bring to this program is much needed experience.

Too often in the past we’ve seen games not managed well, and that’s putting it nicely.

No more misused timeouts every game or 4th and 1 punts that just don’t make any sense. We also won’t see the avoidable penalties when the head coach subs a player in on offense late in the play clock giving the other team a chance to sub a guy as well. This ultimately leading to a delay of game.

We’ll see a team that’s polished, disciplined and hungry.

One consistent theme of a Les Miles coached team is toughness. He’s incredibly talented at getting guys to dig deep and put it all on the field.

That’s exactly what Kansas needs. They need toughness. They need to try harder than the other team. And they need to impose their will.

With Miles at the helm, I have all the confidence in the world that’s what we’ll see.

Move over Big 12, there’s a new sheriff in town.

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