Should we be concerned about QB?

Kansas hasn’t had a QB throw for over 2,000 yards since Todd Reesing. And he did it for the third time in a row in 2009.

Actually, Reesing threw for over 3,400 for the third time in a row in 2009.

Since then the only two QB’s to even come close to even hitting 2,000 yards were Jordan Webb in 2011 with 1,884 and Peyton Bender last year with 1,894.

Needless to say, the QB position is of great importance when it comes to predicting the success of the Kansas football team.

This year won’t be any different as they enter 2019 with a big question mark on who the starter will be with the first game of the season less than 10 days away.

But what exactly does that mean? Are we in for another rough year?

Possibly. But maybe not.

First, I think most people can agree it’s better to have a starting QB named sooner rather than later. That means that QB gets all the first team reps, allowing him to get as much time as possible with the first team starters.

This creates cohesion and a better understanding of each other.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have those things even if a starting QB isn’t named yet. It just means it’ll be harder to attain.

But maybe Les Miles has named a starter and we just don’t know it yet. He could be trying to keep it a secret as to hold the competitive edge over their first opponent and FCS team, Indiana State.

Maybe Carter Stanley has surprised and impressed Miles so much he’s having a hard time making the final decision. Stanley is a senior and I can’t imagine how hard it would be to play a junior over a senior if they’re both playing at a high level.

Maybe none of the QB’s are taking the lead and too many mistakes are being made. This would be the most concerning of the scenarios.

Or maybe Miles just isn’t ready to name the starting QB until he sees them play in live game action. We all know that game day is a different animal than practice.

Miles did mention in one of his recent press conferences that naming a starting QB too soon can become a problem especially if said starter gets injured before the season opener. Then you’d have to go to your number two guy, who you weren’t confident enough in to start game one.

Either way, it’s a tough situation to read.

Miles is a new coach and he hasn’t seen Stanley or MacVittie play in live game action under his system. He also doesn’t have any reason other than to please the fans to make a starting QB announcement during Fall Camp.

But at the same time, this program needs fan support as much as anything. And making them happy is a key component to bringing the program back.

If I were to rate my level of concern in regards to the QB situation, I’d say I’m mid-range. Or more accurately, I’m neutral to his decision at this point.

Just like many Kansas fans I’ve been burned the last near decade, especially with the QB position. And nothing would make me happier than to know who the starter will be before game week.

But I also understand that patience is key when rebuilding a program from the depths of the Big 12 cellar back to relevance.

These things take time and it certainly takes patience, not only from players and coaches, but from fans and administration.

So for now, I’ll trust in the process and be confident in what Miles is doing. Because after all, it can’t get much worse. Right?

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