Royals Roundup: KC vs. CWS

A Look Back: LoCain

Despite losing both to Milwaukee, there were a few positives to take from these two games.

  • Alex Gordon: 3-8 with one strikeout.  Gordon has a 3 game hitting streak dating back to April 8th before going on the DL.  In eleven at-bats, he’s scraped out four hits and only two strikeouts. He’s still searching for both his first RBI and his first HR, but there are signs of life.
  • Salvy!  Salvy returned!  Man it felt good to see that giant block of a human behind the plate calling games again.  Butera and Gallagher have filled in admirably in his absence.
  • Kansas City fans are the best fans. The multiple ovations given to LoCain were stunning to see and left an impression across the nation, not just with Brewers fans.  I’m proud to call myself a Royals fan, especially after seeing the hospitality, love, admiration, and respect we have for a guy that is no longer on our team.  I love Kansas City, and you can definitely tell Cain still loves our city too.

We’re still pretty stagnant offensively.  Having a chance to play 6-7 games in a row where the weather is nice should do something for the bats.  That’s enough with what happened, time for a pitching preview for the White Sox.

Upcoming Schedule: 

Starting tonight the Royals do two things.  One, we finish the opening day series in the first game of yet another double header on Saturday. Two, tonight we start a four game weekend series at the K.

  • J. Junis: 3-1 2.03 ERA (KC) vs L. Giolito: 0-3 9.00 ERA (CHW) 
  • Junis is scorching hot to start the season.  He’s definitely turning into our go-to guy to stop skids, and hopefully he’ll be able to end this two game slide tonight with another ace-quality outing.
  • Giolito has apparently struggled.  I really hope we don’t pull a Royal and let him cruise through seven innings untouched.  This is a guy we need to pounce on, and fast.
  • D. Duffy: 0-3 5.26 ERA (KC) vs R. Lopez: 0-2 1.50 ERA (CHW) 
  • I’ll say it again, I’m not a huge believer in Duffy’s talent.  His track record tells me he’s going to miss 1/4 of the season, and despite having decent statistical years lately, he’s wildly inconsistent.  I want to believe in Duffy.  I want Duffy to succeed.  I still have my reservations about his ability to perform on a consistent basis.
  • Lopez is averaging six innings and one earned run an outing.  He’s having a career-type-year through four starts, and he’s only twenty four.  Surely he’s due for a five inning, two run performance right?

Because of the double header that’s all I’ve got for now.  Check back later on for an edit to fill in the blanks.  Thanks for reading and, as always, like share and subscribe.

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