Potential PPG Leader – 5. Charlie Moore

With the 2018-19 basketball season coming up I wanted to take a look at the possible leaders in points per game (ppg). This will be a big talking point as the season draws closer since the roster this year is absolutely loaded. It could be a number of guys that lead the pack, but I’m going to break down what I think will the top five potential leaders, starting with least likely and finishing with most likely.

The first guy on my list is Charlie Moore, a transfer from University of California who’s originally from Chicago, IL.

Before committing to Cal, Moore earned himself a four star and was listed as a top 100 player. And in his lone season playing college basketball he averaged 12.2 ppg in 34 games averaging 28.8 minutes per game.

What sticks out most about Moore’s game is his ability to shoot, which Kansas will definitely need this year, and his basketball IQ. He really knows how to run his position and that will put him in position to start this year. He’s also tough like Frank Mason, one of the best PG’s to come through the program, and he won’t hesitate to drive to the basket.

Moore will also be traveling overseas to Italy in August to work with Coach Larry Brown. One can only see this as a huge opportunity and it could really help him develop into the starting PG Kansas needs.

A lot will have to go right for Moore to lead the team in ppg, though. He’ll first need to win the starting job over Devon Dotson. After that, it doesn’t get much easier. He’ll then have to shoot the ball at a very high percentage, including three point percentage, two point percentage and free throws. I say this because Kansas is so loaded down low that he may not have as many opportunities as the bigs will get. And then he’ll have to put himself in scoring positions which for a PG on a loaded roster isn’t always the main focus. He’ll likely be spending most of his time dishing the ball to guys like Azubuike, Lawson and Grimes as they’re going to be the focal points of the offense.

I do like Moore’s tenacity though and if a lot of things go right he could potentially lead the team in ppg or at least be in the running. Either way I think he’s in a solid position to compete for the starting PG spot, and in my opinion he’s in the lead.

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