Potential PPG Leader – 3. Lagerald Vick

Coming in at third on my list of potential points per game leaders is Lagerald Vick.

It’s no question that having Vick back for this year was a big surprise to the program and Kansas fans, but it was definitely a good surprise. Last year he averaged 12.1 points per game and shot 37.3% from three. Add in that he’ll be a senior and you can’t really ask for much more in a returning player.

The best thing about Vick coming back though is that Self can chalk him up as another four year player that has been successful throughout the program. I know a lot of people get caught up in this one and one era, but Self really does shine when it comes to getting talented players to stay four years while helping them continue to make huge contributions.

We’ll see some different things about Vick this year as well and I think it’s why he could lead the team in points per game.

For starters, he’s the only senior this year and will undoubtedly be the go to guy for the young players. He’s been here before and he knows what it takes to win games.

Secondly, he had a chance to speak with NBA scouts. It didn’t quite go as planned but the good news is he now knows what he needs to do to get where he wants to go. Also, he has the perfect person to help him get there in Coach Self. I think this alone will motivate him more than he was in the past and he’ll really step up to being a better overall player.

Finally, he has a new number which can bring a whole new mindset. Yes, it’s just a number. But to the players the number they wear means so much more than just a number on their jersey. A lot of times players pick a number for a specific reason and it holds special meaning. This year’s number for Vick will bring a fresh start to a new beginning. He may not have impressed the NBA scouts much this past year, but I feel like he won’t let that opportunity pass him up again. And I think his new number will be a reminder of that every day in practice and in every game.

But even though Vick will come in with a fresh new mindset it still won’t be easy leading the team in points per game. This team is loaded with talent and he’ll have to continue to shoot the ball well and crash the boards to pick up those easy lay in baskets. The guy is a freak athlete and if he can use that athleticism on a consistent basis it’ll always play to his advantage.

I also think he’ll need to use his defense to pick up some easy baskets as well. He has the perfect ability to be a lock down defender and cause a lot of turnovers, he just has to want it.

Either way, leading the team in points per game isn’t a reach for Vick and is actually well within reach. And if he does it’ll go a long way when it comes to living out his dream and playing in the NBA.

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