Potential Breakout Players in 2018

As the Kansas football season looms fans begin to get curious and wonder what the new season has to bring. One of the biggest questions I’ve seen as of late is which players are poised to step up and have a break out season? To answer that question I’ve compiled a list of the most likely candidates.

1.) Daylon Charlot – Charlot is no doubt one of the most talented WR’s on the team and can easily have a break out season. Last year was a bit of a let down as he hardly made it on the field and only caught one ball. But the majority of that was due to a lingering injury he couldn’t quite kick and then half way through the season he was moved to DB. Now that he’s back at his natural position I think he’s going to come out ready and with a new fire to prove the hype was real. I could easily see Charlot getting over 500 yards receiving and a few touchdowns this year which would be a major improvement from last year.

2.) Mike Lee – It’s hard to think that Lee needs a breakout year because of how well he’s already done at Kansas. Last year he had 59 solo tackles, 12 assisted, three for loss and two interceptions. That’s definitely not a bad year by any means. But, I wouldn’t quite call it a breakout year. And with his talent and ability I think Lee could do so much more and will be a major factor in the defense turning it around. My hunch says that he’ll get a similar amount of tackles but more for loss and more assisted. He’ll even add some forced fumbles with his big hit ability and a few more interceptions. Lee has that ability to really stress an offensive out with his athleticism and quickness, and I think we’re going to witness that this year.

3.) Evan Fairs – I was thoroughly impressed with Fairs last year and I think I’ll be even more impressed with him this year. He wasn’t a guy that was talked about a lot with Sims returning and the hype of Charlot, but he showed up and took advantage of every opportunity on the field. He ended up fourth on the team in receptions with 24, third in reception yards with 335, and even added a TD. This year I could see him close to doubling all of those numbers.

4.) Dom Williams – I can’t say enough about how excited I am to see Dom play this year. This guy is a raw talent and has the size and ability to really be a stud RB. Last year was his freshman year so he didn’t get a ton of touches but he did a nice job with what he got. He finished with 176 yards on 51 attempts and three TD’s. He also added seven receptions for 49 total yards. I see him eventually bumping ahead of Taylor Martin in the depth chart and challenging Khalil Herbert for the starting spot. Both are great RB’s but Dom just has another dimension to him that I don’t think Herbert and Martin can contend with. I see him getting over 800 yards rushing, 100 yards receiving, and 5-10 total TD’s.

5.) J.J. Holmes – I’ve always liked Holmes and I think we’re all about to see his best season yet in a Kansas uniform. He didn’t do anything fantastic last year as he ended up with 12 solo tackles, 7 assisted and one sack. But with it being his senior year, Daniel Wise being back on the DL and a lot of fresh faces to contend with, I think Holmes really has an impressive year. I like his work ethic and I like his strength and power on the DL. I see him at least doubling all of his stats and making a name for himself during his senior season.

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