Optimism in KU Football

I wanted to give KU football fans a list of ten things to be optimistic about this year. I’m not saying it will change the results of the season but they’re something to look forward to.

  • Kansas football is returning 92% of its production from 2017. This means they’ll have experience and most of the players should understand the offense and defense by now.
  • Coe Harris and Pooka Williams should be a blast to watch play. These guys are so crazy talented there is no reason we shouldn’t see them play and play a lot. I have Coe as a projected starter and I have Pooka getting playing time in two back sets and even potentially being lined up in the slot. If they show out this year I think it could also be reason for optimism next year as well.
  • The new AD will bring added pressure to the football program and I think this will push Beaty to try new things in order to be successful. I’m not saying these things will be dramatic, as in a change of offense, but he’ll be more open to different strategies in order to put more wins on the table.
  • Kansas has one of the easiest non-conference schedules of all FBS and even has a chance to start the season 3-0. Can you imagine Beaty winning his first three games in his fourth year, which will be just as many as he’s won in his first three years? Heads will explode. But they’ll start the season off at home against Nicholls State, a respectable FCS program. This won’t be an easy game but they should still win. Then they follow that up with a road game against Central Michigan (ranked 105th by Athlon Sports) who will only be returning 27% of their offensive production and 49% of their defensive production. And finally they end at home against Rutgers who will be the toughest game of their non-conference slate but still very winnable as they’re ranked 87th by Athlon.
  • Kansas football added Bill Miller to its staff as Linebackers Coach back in January which is likely one of Beaty’s best hires outside of Tony Hull. Miller has a lot of experience, he can recruit and has ties to the Florida market, and he has worked under big name coaches such as Nick Saban, Jimmy Johnson, Butch Davis, Jimbo Fisher, Mark Mangino and Jerry Kill. My hunch is that Beaty brought in Miller to help guide him in developing players especially on defense. He’s been around enough coaches where he’s seen the best of the best and it could translate well for KU.
  • The new practice facility should be done close to the start of the football season and even though this is mainly for the football players it’ll still be exciting for Kansas fans to see as it’ll be a top notch facility. This will also help immensely with recruiting in the future.
  • We’ll get to witness another year of Joe Dineen, Daniel Wise and Steven Sims—some of the most exciting and talented players under Beaty. If they all have years like last year or even better, who knows some things may happen.
  • Tailgating, at least for me, is always a reason to be optimistic. There’s nothing I love more than waking up early on a Saturday morning to celebrate another year of college football with great company and brews. And if we win, it’s even better.
  • I know Kansas hasn’t had much luck at the QB position but I think Miles Kendrick brings something different to the table that we haven’t seen in a while. I’m not saying he’s the next Todd Reesing but he has that type of grit and toughness. He’s also a guy that can make plays happen all over the field which is what this Kansas team needs. Hopefully he gets a chance to play early on as I think he could be the best QB we’ve had since Michael Cummings showed flashes of greatness.
  • Season ticket prices are just over $100 a set. You’d be lucky to go to an Alabama game for that amount. If you love football, tailgating and being outside on beautiful Saturday afternoons then it can’t get much better than that. Yes, Kansas hasn’t been great but at least most of the games are early so there will be plenty of time to do other things afterwards. So please, come join us and if anything at least enjoy the weather and atmosphere.
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