Nicholls Players to Watch – 5. Ronald Ollie

Each week before game day I’ll be creating a list of the top five players on the opposing team to keep an eye on. I’ll then finish it with a final preview on that Friday along with a prediction.

The first player on my list for Nicholls State is Ronald Ollie, a senior from Shubuta, Miss. If you don’t remember he was a JUCO transfer from EMCC on Last Chance U’s Season One.

Ollie didn’t play last year but in 2016 he recorded 41 tackles (6.5 for loss) and two sacks. After the 2016 season he was granted a release to find an FBS offer but wasn’t able to so found his way back to Nicholls State for his senior year.

When Ollie played for EMCC he was a stand out player and showed his dominance at the JUCO level. Even stepping into FCS competition he had a pretty solid first season. Being that he didn’t play last year, though, there isn’t a lot to go off of other than what he did at EMCC and in 2016 at Nicholls. But one thing is for sure, when he did play he was a force.

Standing at 6’2” and 310 pounds (Daniel Wise 6’3″ and 290) Ollie will be a big guy to slow down. He’ll likely be lined up across from Andru Tovi or even Dwayne Wallace, if both of them do in fact start at the guard spots. I’m sure Alex Fontana at center will also be involved with keeping Ollie at bay.

At this point I’m not really sure Ollie will even start but given he’s been dominate before in college football games it’s likely he’ll definitely get some playing time. And if he does start look for him to be involved often unless the Kansas offensive line has drastically improved.

One thing to look for is if Ollie is getting penetration and disrupting the rush game and/or pass game Kansas will have to potentially double team him. This could cause other issues as Nicholls has another strong senior DL in Kenny Dotson who had 11 tackles for loss and 6.5 sacks last year.

Either way, I don’t see Ronald Ollie being a huge factor in the game since he didn’t play last year but he is still a player to keep an eye on due to his fame from Last Chance U Season 1 and his dominance at the JUCO level. Let’s just hope the Kansas OL has improved and doesn’t have to resort to double teaming him every time he’s on the field.


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