Nicholls Players to Watch – 4. Corey Abraham

The next player to watch out for on Nicholls State is senior Safety, Corey Abraham.

Abraham was recruited from Breaux Bridge, LA and stands 6’0″ tall and 205 lbs. He’s an experienced player that really has a nose for the ball. He had 79 tackles last year with 6 being for loss. He also had two forced fumbles but no interceptions.

It’s worth noting that as a team Nicholls wasn’t much of a turnover threat in 2017 as they finished next to last in their conference with a -1.08 turnover margin per game. What makes them good on defense, though, is their ability to keep the offense in front of them and tackling. It seems basic to mention tackling but their guys don’t make a lot of mistakes and won’t miss many tackles even in the open field.

That’s why I bring up Abraham, he doesn’t have many turnovers but he’s still a guy that will keep the receivers in front of him and is great at keeping them from gaining extra yardage. He’s also strong, experienced, and executes very well when it comes to playing his position.

For the Kansas receivers to get behind this defense they’ll have to really use their quickness and athleticism to keep the DB’s working. A guy like Sims will be tough for Abraham to keep track of so if Sims can do what he does best then it could keep the Safety busy and out of the game. It would also be interesting to see if Nicholls comes right out and double teams Sims to force another Kansas receiver to step up.

As I said before I don’t see Abraham being much of a turnover threat, he’ll likely be the leading tackler for the team, though. And he’s just one of many experienced returning players on this Nicholls State defense so Kansas will definitely have their work cut out for them.


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