Nicholls Players to Watch – 3. Damion Jeanpiere Jr.

The next player to watch out for on Nicholls State is senior Wide Receiver, Damion Jeanpiere Jr.

Jeanpiere was recruited out of Kenner, LA from Archbishop Rummel HS. He’s not a big receiver by any means at 6’1” and 185 pounds, but he’s fast and he’s quick. Last year he finished with 770 yards receiving and four touchdowns, with an average of 19.2 yards per reception. These are actually pretty dang close to what Steven Sims Jr. posted in 2017 with 839 yards receiving, six touchdowns and 14.2 yards per reception.

With being Nicholls obvious number one returning receiver look for Jeanpiere to have an even bigger year than last. He also returns his QB from the last few years and they appear to have a solid chemistry, something Sims has lacked in a QB since his time at KU. Also, his route running is impressive so he’ll cause some troubles for the Kansas secondary that got torched all of last year.

I would imagine that Nicholls offense will still go through the run, as they averaged roughly 62% run plays and 38% pass plays, but look for Jeanpiere to also get involved in the run game. He only had two attempts from last year, and I’m assuming they were reverse plays or even options, but he gained a total of 18 yards on just those two attempts. I’m thinking Nicholls will likely throw Kansas off guard and go to a few of these plays as well.

As far as how to stop Jeanpiere, Kansas has to hope their secondary has improved. And not just a little, but a lot. Mike Lee will have to understand coverage better and keep the WR’s in front of him. The CB’s will have to be quick enough to keep up with the WR and they’ll also need to understand their assignments and coverage. This has been a big weakness for Kansas so look for Jeanpiere to potentially have a big game.

I do have hope that Hasan Defense, Bryce Torneden and Mike Lee have improved enough to shut down a passing game. This will be their first test, though, and it won’t be an easy one. If they can prove themselves here it’ll only build each and every week. Let’s hope they get it done and take control of the defensive backfield.

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