New Incoming Impact Player – 6. Miles Emery

Coming in at number 6 on my list is Miles Emery, a 3 star defensive end true freshman product from Leawood, KS. This was another huge pickup for Beaty as Emery had offers from Oklahoma, Iowa State and Louisville—all power 5 programs. It’s also to note that he was the number two player in Kansas which is huge for KU to keep the local guys.

The defensive end position will be an interesting one this year as Kansas lost its top guy in Dorance Armstrong to the NFL Draft and then shortly after lost expected starter Isaiah Bean due to concussions. These are two great edge rushers and will definitely hurt Kansas and the rest of the defensive line, unless a few players step up. One of those potential players is Miles Emery.

Standing at 6’5 and weighing in at 235 pounds Emery has the size to play right away even as a freshman. He’s quick on the edge but what makes him stand out is his nose for the ball. He’s a smart player and knows where the ball is at all times. And if you try to stop him on the edge he has strong moves to switch inside on you and beat you there.

Another thing that stands out to me is his patience. He not only has the power to come straight at you he also has the intelligence to know when to wait for his attack. But don’t let his patience make you think he’s hesitant because once he gets into attack mode there’s not much that can stop him. He has a quick first move and will attack like a man possessed.

Having said all of that what I like most about Emery is he’s a true freshman product. This means he’ll be in the program for at least 3-4 years and be able to develop into something truly special. As mentioned before, coming in as a freshman and already having the size will leave a lot of opportunity to focus on his game and understanding of the defense. Look for Miles to be a big star for Kansas in the future if he isn’t one this year.

My fearless prediction…

Given Emery’s size and intelligence he has the potential to play early and often. I’m not sure he’ll start right away as Kansas landed a few solid JUCO products with more experience under their belts but there’s no doubt Emery has the edge in raw talent. I’m projecting he’ll get at least 10 tackles, a sack and a forced fumbled. And I wouldn’t even be surprised if he doubled all of those numbers.

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