New Incoming Impact Player – 5. Miles Kendrick

At number 5 on my newcomer list is Sophomore QB Miles Kendrick who played JUCO football at the College of San Mateo in California. I think a lot of people were relieved that Beaty landed a QB in the 2018 class because they haven’t seen a lot of promise from Peyton Bender or Carter Stanley. Also, Tyriek Starks transferred which was a bit of a surprise to some.

One thing to note about Kendrick though is he isn’t your typical QB. He only stands 5’10 which many people may think is a bit too short for the position. But don’t be too quick to judge. Remember Todd Reesing? He was only 5’11 and turned out to be one of the best QB’s Kansas has ever had. I’m not saying Kendrick will be as good as Reesing, but his size won’t be what stops him.

So what does Kansas get from a guy like Miles Kendrick?

Well first off he plays with a chip on his shoulder. He knows he’s shorter than most QB’s but he uses it to his advantage by using his quickness and ability to run the ball. He’s also had to try harder than everyone he’s went up against and it’s made him a straight up gamer.

And when looking at his film I notice a few things—he’s a very accurate passer, he has great vision when running the ball and he’s quick and hard to tackle. This bodes well for Kansas because they’ve had some major issues with the offensive line and will need a QB that can quickly get outside of the tackle box and make a play. It’s also encouraging that Kendrick is as good a passer as he is a runner. He’ll cause problems for opposing defenses because they’ll have to stay honest and not over commit on the blitz as he can burn them with the pass or the run.

Another thing I picked up from his film is Kendrick isn’t just an accurate passer but he’s a smart passer. He doesn’t force the play and will take what the defense gives him. That shows he has great vision and that’s not something that can easily be taught.

My fearless prediction…

I think Miles will win the starting job and it will be because he’s the better runner, has great vision and can make plays on the run. The last part is important because judging by how the offensive line has been the last few years he may be on the run a lot. I also think he gives Kansas the best chance to win with that chip on his shoulder competitive attitude—which is something they desperately need. I’m predicting he’ll be the first passer at KU in almost ten years to throw for over 2,000 yards, while also adding over 500 yards rushing and at least 20 total TD’s. Many people may think this is a bit of a stretch but other than the offensive line Kansas does in fact return a lot of talent on offense.

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