New Incoming Impact Player – 2. Anthony “Pooka” Williams

Coming in at number two on my list of immediate incoming impact players is Anthony “Pooka” Williams, a true freshmen from Hahnville HS in Boute, LA.

I really have to commend Tony Hull on this pick up. Pooka is a stud and had plenty of offers to choose from in LSU, Memphis, Mississippi State, Texas, and Texas A&M. But even with all of that he still chose Kansas, which to me shows his dedication and commitment to the program.

But what does Kansas get in a guy like Pooka?

First thing people may notice is he’s a relatively small guy when it comes to the running back position as he stands at 5’9 and only weighs 175 lbs. But that means nothing once you see him move. He’s fast, he moves quick and he even puts his shoulder down and runs guys over. If anything his size makes him better as he plays with a chip on his shoulder.

Another thing Kansas fans will like is his ability to stop on a dime and then get back up to full speed without missing a beat. You’ll be even more surprised to know that while doing all of this Pooka doesn’t even have all of this toes on his right foot. That really shows you this guy is special and anyone that tells him no—like the doctor when he was 9 years old who told him sports weren’t in his future—he will eventually prove wrong. Pooka is definitely the type of guy Kansas needs to turn this thing around.

I’ve even seen Pooka compared to former Kansas RB Tony Pierson who was a similar build and was a big time player under Charlie Weis. But I have to say, I think Pooka comes in better than Pierson and has a chance to really make a name for himself. For a guy his size he has raw power and runs like a man on a mission. And after watching his tape I almost feel like he likes getting hit as much as he likes making guys miss. That to me is a scary combination.

My fearless prediction…

Pooka is a guy that’s way too talented to keep off the field even with Kansas just about set at RB with returning contributors in Taylor Martin, Khalil Herbert and Dom Williams. He brings something different to the table and it’s his insane agility, quickness, and speed that will set him apart. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kansas runs a lot of two back sets just to get him involved more. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see them line Pooka up in the slot and see what he can do there. The guy is simply a play maker and getting the ball in his hands will always benefit the team. But having said that it’s difficult to predict what his stats will be but I’ll say he’ll get over 500 yards rushing, over 300 receiving and at least five touchdowns. And with Pooka’s talent and ability he could easily double or even triple those stats.

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