New Incoming Impact Player – 10. Jacobi Lott

Now that the spring game is right around the corner I want to take a look at 10 newcomers to the program that can potentially make an immediate impact this year.

Each week I’ll cover one player on my list going from least likely to most likely to make an immediate impact.

The first player I’ll be covering is freshman offensive lineman, Jacobi Lott.

This was a HUGE get for the program. The offensive line is a well-known issue for the Kansas football program that hasn’t been good for quite some time. They’ve had talent; they just haven’t been able to develop it.

And what’s especially important about Lott is that he’s a freshman. Beaty has received a lot of flack for bringing in so many JUCOs. But with Lott being a freshman, that will give the coaching staff four to five years to develop him. And this is what the program needs—a solid base of young guys that the coaching staff can develop for more than a few years.

Also with Jacobi Lott they get a guy that’s already college lineman size as a freshman, as he stands 6’5 and weighs in at 308 lbs. And not only is he a big dude, he’s quick too.

A few things I noticed watching his film is he has a quick first step and comes off the line like a rocket. A guy that big that is that quick is huge in the eyes of a coach when it comes to developing him. He’s also one of, if not the biggest, guy on the field.

Another thing to note is Texas was hot after Lott. Luckily Kansas got in early on his recruitment, and they were able to keep him locked in on his commitment. It feels good for KU fans to steal recruits from KSU, but when they steal one from Texas, that’s a statement.

Now, I don’t expect Lott to be a starter at anytime during the season since that’s difficult for a freshman to do, especially on the offensive line. Also, Kansas is returning OL starters Hakeem Adeniji, Larry Hughes, Clyde McCauley, and Mesa Ribordy, along with getting a big time OL JUCO recruit in Reuben Lewis (who is also on my list). But with his size and quickness he can definitely get some playing time and add depth to a position where they desperately need it.

My fearless prediction…

I think Jacobi Lott plays a key backup role and lands on the two-deep roster early. I’m confident he’ll also be a big topic of conversation going into 2019 as a potential big time player for KU. He has the size, quickness, and coachability. The rest will be up to the coaching staff.

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