New Incoming Impact Player – 1. Corione “Coe” Harris

Here it is folks, my number one incoming impact player Corione “Coe” Harris who is a four star CB from Landry-Walker HS in New Orleans, LA.

There is no doubt that Coe Harris is the highest rated recruit to come to Kansas. It’s not just his star rating that’s impressive, it’s also the list of top notch offers he received. He had offers from LSU, Arkansas, Auburn, Florida, Mississippi State, Oklahoma, Texas, Texas A&M, West Virginia, Florida State and Tennessee. That’s about as impressive a list as any recruit in the nation and he still chose Kansas.

Also, kudos to Tony Hull once again because he took the lead on Coe’s recruitment. If there’s one thing Beaty has done right it would be hiring Hull. This guy has truly hit the recruiting trail hard and he’s picked up some players that not many professional analysts would expect to ever go to KU. But he’s instilled confidence and trust in the players he’s recruited and has assured them that this KU football program will get turned around and they’ll be the face of the program when it happens.

So, what can we expect from a high-rated recruit such as Coe Harris?

Glad you asked. Remember Aquib Talib and Chris Harris? I think Coe has the chance to be even better than they were at KU. It goes without saying that he comes in with a higher star rating and he’s ranked much higher on the recruiting table, but that’s not the only reason I think he’ll be better. Just by looking at his film I can tell he has a level of talent and development that is rare in a player his age. He plays like a seasoned college veteran and is one of the hardest workers you’ll ever see.

Another thing I notice about Coe is he has ridiculously quick feet and can make up some yardage in a hurry. You may beat him—and it’ll likely only happen once—but if you do beat him don’t celebrate just yet as he will catch back up in a hurry. He’s even shown this ability in Kansas practices and even at the open spring practice event.

But probably the most impressive thing about Coe, for me at least, is his intelligence on the field. He’s not only a lock-down corner but the guy really understands the game. This just goes to show how hard he works and the time he puts in to learn and develop his game to be one of the best CB’s to come out of college.

My fearless prediction…

Kansas will have a plethora of CB options unlike last year, but I think Coe Harris comes out on top of them all and starts right out of the gate. I mean he didn’t just graduate early and come to KU campus in the spring for nothing, this guy came to start this year. I also think he can set some Kansas freshmen CB records in regards to tackles, interceptions and pass breakups. The Big 12 passes A LOT so he will have plenty of opportunities to do so. But more importantly I look for Coe to make a huge impact this year and I’m expecting him to be the face of the program in the future. He can be what helps Kansas dig out of this seemingly never ending hole they’re in.

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