NCAA Stalls; De Sousa Still Waiting

A report released early this morning with additional details on Silvio De Sousa’s appeal case with the NCAA. They had originally suspended De Sousa for two years, counting last year, but the appeal was to lift the suspension for the upcoming year.

These reports were respectfully released by KU Sports and Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports.

As Dodd states, over a month after the appeal was submitted the NCAA requested additional information in order to make a decision on the case.

There are two sides to this problem. One, Kansas should have provided all the information needed in order for this case to be submitted correctly. It’s understandable because these cases can be complicated and things can be missed, but this has been a long drawn out process that the University has had plenty of time to prepare for.

The other side is the NCAA took over a month to decide they needed additional information. What exactly were they looking at that takes a month to make this decision? It’s not like they have thousands, or even hundreds of these cases on their door step waiting to be sorted out. As far as we know, De Sousa’s case is the only one left in limbo.

The worst part about this delay is that it comes really close to the May 29th deadline of when players will have to take their names out of the draft. This puts Kansas, but most importantly De Sousa, in a tight spot.

For Kansas, it hurts their recruiting as it keeps uncommitted players wondering what their roster will look like.

For De Sousa, it’s his future a stake.

If a decision isn’t made by this deadline does De Sousa stay in the draft and pursue playing pro? Or does he take a chance at trusting in the NCAA and take his name out?

Another option is De Sousa could go undrafted and still return to school. But that’s if he does go undrafted.

It’s also interesting that the NCAA has formed a committee to talk about student-athletes being compensated for their jersey sales and likeness. Interesting timing after the FBI investigations, but better late than never.

Unfortunately it’s not a scenario that would free or benefit De Sousa as any decision on that matter would be much further down the road.

Either way, this process has been a long drawn out mess that doesn’t seem to have any end in sight. And the one suffering most is the one who benefits the least (revenue wise) from his playing time.

If it were my guess I’d say this is a sly move by the NCAA to stall their decision, ultimately leading to no decision and leaving De Sousa to hope for a future in the NBA.

I have no doubt De Sousa will play in the NBA, but he wouldn’t be as prepared now as he would be a year from now after playing at KU and working under Bill Self.

We’ll know within the next week and a half what’s going to happen, but it stands to reason that the NCAA will never make a decision.

A sad ending to an even sadder story. In a situation where the NCAA could help a young student-athlete, they side against him.


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