My Predictions vs Actual Depth Chart

I wanted to take a quick look at my predictions versus the actual depth chart Beaty put out today.

From the looks of it I did okay, but not great. Let’s take a look…

Position My Predictions Actual Depth Chart
Quarterback Peyton Bender Peyton Bender
Running Back Kahlil Herbert Undecided
Wide Receiver Steven Sims Jr. Steven Sims Jr.
Wide Receiver Daylon Charlot Kerr Johnson Jr.
Wide Receiver Jeremiah Booker Jeremiah Booker
Tight End Mavin Saunders Mavin Saunders
Left Tackle Hakeem Adeniji Hakeem Adeniji
Left Guard Andru Tovi Andru Tovi or Malik Clark
Center Alex Fontana Alex Fontana
Right Guard Chris Hughes Dwayne Wallace or Chris Hughes
Right Tackle Antione Frazier Kevin Feder or Clyde McCauley
Defensive End Azur Kamara KeShaun Simmons
Defensive End Najee Stevens-Mackenzie Brian Lipscomb
Defensive Tackle Daniel Wise Daniel Wise
Defensive Tackle JJ Holmes JJ Holmes
Linebacker Joe Dineen Joe Dineen
Linebacker Kyron Johnson Keith Loneker Jr.
Nickelback Bryce Torneden Bryce Torneden
Cornerback Elijah Jones Shakial Taylor
Cornerback Hasan Defense Hasan Defense
Safety  Mike Lee Mike Lee
Safety Emmanuel Moore Tyrone Miller Jr.

Overall this seems expected, other than the biggest surprise for me being the defensive ends. I really thought Azur Kamara and Najee Stevens-Mackenzie were going to be the guys. I did hear they’ve been battling some injuries so that could be the issue. But Brian Lipscomb is definitely surprising to see at that spot. Would have expected Darius Moragne or even Willie McCaleb at one of the DE starting spots. Either way, good for him.

Also, I know not many people wanted Peyton Bender at QB, but I did predict it and I’m not surprised by it. In one of my earlier posts I made the point that if Beaty plans to run the ball a lot it makes sense to have a QB in there that will keep the defense honest and keep them from stacking the box. In order for that to work, though, the offensive line will have to improve. At this point that remains to be seen.

Something not shown on this depth chart is the fact that Beaty mentioned Miles Kendrick will play every game. They even have an offense designed specifically for Kendrick according to Jayhawk Slant.

Obviously this didn’t sit well with fans, and I don’t blame them. Not many teams succeed with two QB’s and running two offenses. My suggestion is to stick with one QB and one offense so the staff can at least master that. The only person Beaty will outsmart by doing this is himself. But, having said that, I do hope it works out for him. Time will eventually tell.

Anyways, let’s take a look at some fans reactions to the depth chart and Beaty’s comment on Miles Kendrick to close things out.


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