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Too many KU fans out there are still bowing down at the feet of David Beaty, as if he’s about to pull a magic wand out of his intergluteal cleft and win five games next year. Yes, he has a decent recruiting class so far but he’s still part of the worst coaching run in Kansas history. And not just a part, but a key contributor.

And how bad is worst? Kansas has had three coaches in the last eight years. Their combined record in those eight years is 14-74.

For a little perspective, UCF has a chance to win 13 games in one season if they beat Auburn. That’s just one win shy of what has taken the last three KU coaches to win in eight years. And this is just two years after they went 0-12.

That’s how bad worst is. But why has Kansas had these issues?

The first person to blame was the Athletic Director, Lew Perkins, who fired Mangino after eight years on the job.

In those eight years at Kansas, Mangino was 50-48, that’s a 51% winning percentage. Seven out of those eight years he won more games in one season than current KU Head Coach David Beaty has won in three years.

He also took KU to four Bowl Games and won three of them, with one of those Bowl Games being the BCS Orange Bowl. In that season alone he won 12 games, two shy of the win amount for the last three coaches in eight years combined.

After that firing, Lew Perkins followed that up with the hiring of Turner Gill, a guy that was the polar opposite of Mangino. A nice guy that just wanted a bunch of buddies on the football team.

Obviously, that didn’t work out long. Gill was fired just two years into the job, but at least he made a bunch of friends.

After that horrendous hire, Lew Perkins was gone.

And who did KU hire for the next AD? A dimwit KSU alum in Sheahon Zenger, who was supposed to have a strong football mind. Wrong. He did have aspirations though, which apparently included defiling the KU football program piece by piece.

The first step in his diabolical plan? Hiring fellow dimwit Charlie Weis, who failed everywhere he’s been as a head coach. If it weren’t for Tom Brady, no one would even know who he was.

With Zenger being desperate to revive, and by revive I mean mutilate the football program, he and Charlie decided to take the short cut and bring in loads of JUCO recruits. Mind you, these guys were pretty talented players and could have made a difference, if only they qualified before he even recruited them. And the ones that he did get on campus didn’t contribute. One of them even got arrested for robbing the town that wanted to give him a chance. How classy of you, Charlie.

Zenger knew this was the hay-maker punch to keep KU down for years, but wanted to fire Weis as to save face and keep his job for another few years, sucking at the ever giving teat that KU has been supplying to him.

So, in comes David Beaty, a guy that could convince Bobby Flay to eat a flaming bag of night soil. This guy talks the talk, but soon after we found out he stumbles like a drunkard on a three month binge.

It all played into Zenger’s plan just perfectly, as Beaty stuffed our stockings full of hopes and dreams with the win against Texas, and then took a giant dump right on top of it with a 1-11 season the next year.

That leaves us to where we are now. A coach that has gone 3-33 in three years and has a contract extension from the fluke of a win against Texas.

Where do we go from here? At this point, I’m not sure ‘up’ is even a valid direction for KU football.

But, there is some optimism; it really can’t get any worse. And if it can, shoot me in the face.

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