Kansas Obliterates Rutgers 55-14

I expected an easy win for Kansas, but I did not expect 55-14.

This was a game dominated by Kansas right from the beginning. They finished with 400 yards rushing and for the second game in a row created six turnovers on defense.

Was Rutgers that bad? Or is Kansas for real?

This is still a question I don’t have the answers to but it’s very clear—Pooka Williams is absolutely for real. After putting up another incredible stat line of 18 carries, 158 yards rushing and one TD, he leads the Big 12. And he’s only played two games.

Kansas hasn’t had a guy like Pooka, at least not in a very long time that Big 12 teams will have to prepare for. Having a guy like him makes everyone on the team better, from the backup RB’s, to the OL, and then even on defense. It could be a big reason the defense has responded so well knowing they have a guy like Pooka who can score in a flash.

But, I can’t give all the credit of this big win to one guy. The team played great. They looked fresh, prepared and they executed. And as I re-watched the game it made me realize just how much better position our guys were in on defense. Bowen, Miller and company have really done a great job, there’s no doubt about it.

And if you were to ask me who was MVP, aside from Pooka, I’d tell you Bryce Torneden. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with his play at NB and if he can continue doing what he’s doing this defense will continue to be fierce.

As they say, though, the competition only gets tougher from here on out. They won’t be playing QB’s with lack of experience. And if they do the teams will be better prepared and the opposing QB will have more talent around him. It’s also worth noting the one QB Kansas has faced so far that did have starting experience beat them. That QB also didn’t turn the ball over. Big difference from the CMU and Rutgers games.

We can’t look past this big win, though, regardless of what their future opponents look like. It doesn’t matter how bad the team is they played, if Kansas beat them 55-14 it’s still impressive. And averaging six turnovers a game on defense isn’t an accident. The defense is for real and will absolutely cause problems for their Big 12 opponents.

The biggest issue for Kansas moving forward will be the passing game. They have a lethal run game, but whether it sustains throughout Big 12 play remains to be seen. And to have a chance at winning 3-4 conference games they’ll have to learn to pass the ball and do it well.

Either way I walk away impressed and optimistic for Big 12 play. I’m not saying they’ll win 3-4, or even a few, but I think we can at least compete, which is a huge step up from previous years. If the Kansas defense keeps up their turnover madness and they continue to run the ball with reckless abandon, anything can happen.

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  1. One thing that is nice is that other than Wise, I haven’t heard of anyone getting injured. Last year we had a ridiculous amount of injuries. I feel that really held us back in games because we had no depth. Beaty brought in transfers to add depth and it’s really paying off. The difference between Beaty and weis is that a lot of these transfers Beaty brought in are working. Kansas will win against Baylor. We will be 3-1 and then come home to play a tough osu team. That will be a loss and we will go from there to see who else we can knock off. Kansas may go 3-9 or they may just go 5-7 or 6-6 and surprise some people.

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