Is it Les? Or is it More?

Since the day Beaty was fired, and really even before, Les Miles has been pegged as the front runner to take over the HC job at Kansas.

But a week into the search, is that still the case?

I’m not so sure.

There’s no doubt that Les Miles would be a solid hire for Kansas and could bring in some much needed excitement to the program. And he’s been quoted as saying he’s still interested in coaching again. We also know that it’s been confirmed he does show interest in the Kansas job and the Kansas job has shown interest in him.

But given this, what’s the wait?

There’s a few things that could be at play here.

For one, Les Miles is still getting compensation from LSU which pays him roughly $125,000 a month for the next four years as long as he’s actively looking for another head coaching job. Saying that he’s interested in the Kansas job is pretty much that. And it could be all it really is, acting interest to continue a paycheck.

But per Soren Petro of Sports Radio 810 it could also be Jeff Long and Les Miles waiting until his scheduled payment for this month to make the announcement. His scheduled payments come at the end of each month with this months landing on 11/30.

This could very well be possible but I don’t find it realistic and as beneficial to Kansas. If Les is the guy wouldn’t you want him out recruiting ASAP for a class that currently has only one commit and is ranked 174th in the nation? I definitely would.

The argument against this would be that Les could still recruit, albeit quietly. You’d have to trust the recruits won’t speak up, though, and if they do it could ruin the entire strategy.

I also think it’s possible Jeff Long just isn’t sold on Les Miles as the new HC and is merely keeping him in his back pocket as a safe option. We all know the track record of Les and it’s incredibly impressive. But does being out of coaching for two years and not having a ready staff concern Long? It very well could.

It could also be that Long is just doing his due diligence and not wanting Jayhawk Nation to think Les Miles was the only option. By interviewing multiple prospects it gives the notion that he’s being thorough and making a point to find the right guy.

Imagine if Long named Les Miles HC just a few days after Beaty was fired but in the end it doesn’t work out? How much slack would he catch for not doing a thorough search? I’m sure it would be a lot and it would be heavy.

So, by interviewing multiple prospects, some less impressive than others, he’s making sure Les is the guy and he’s showing Kansas fans he’s putting in the work to be 100% certain. If it were my guess this is the most likely scenario. That is, if Les Miles is his guy.

But here’s the kicker…

I don’t think Les Miles is the guy. I’ve predicted it before and until now I’ve stood by it. But with Long’s misdirection and trolling antics on Twitter I find it hard to believe he’s found his guy. It’s also no secret that Long is a guy that keeps his searches rather tight lipped. So anyone claiming they know who he’s looking at or interviewing could be way off base.

Having said that, I think we’re at least a week away from finding a new HC and potentially even a few weeks. I feel Long really wants to be patient with this hire and knows that the program can’t afford another miss even if he wants to make a hire “sooner rather than later.”

Expect more Flight tracking and wild speculations as the weeks go on. Because I have a feeling it won’t be stopping anytime soon. But when it’s all said and done I’d be willing to bet we’ll be hearing a name announced that none of us saw coming.

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3 Replies to “Is it Les? Or is it More?”

  1. We’ll probably hear something after the Texas game. Like you said, it could be a name that wasn’t on anyone’s hot board. I’m fine with that as long as the person is qualified. Jeff Long has a history of making big, splashy hires, so I’m anticipating a known name. I’d be fine with Miles, Littrell, Doeren, or even Monken. Heck, I’d be fine with several other names, but I do feel certain Long won’t make a hire until he’s absolutely certain.

  2. I know that new info from today has changed your mind. For anyone reading this, I can’t give away my sources because I don’t dime people out and this guy trusts me to not do that, but the next head coach is going to be Les Miles. When they announce I’m not sure. This source also said that Long was looking for assistants (probably coordinators) on his trips. This makes a lot of sense and you would be really crazy to think Les is going anywhere else based on what transpired today. You don’t say bye bye to 5 mil and not have a job lined up. Maryland is the only power five school that could have possibly been in the mix based off of the timing but Maryland isn’t the area that miles knows. Texas/Louisiana is and Kansas isn’t too far away. Then the last thing is his relationship with Jeff Long. Miles always has said that he wants to coach again but at the right job. He almost left LSU in 2012 to take the Arkansas job when Jeff long was there. It’s going to happen folks and this is a home run hire.

    1. That’s very encouraging. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Jeff Long announced the hire during half time of the KU/OU game tomorrow? On national TV! That would be one heckuva way to generate some excitement and get the attention of lots of potential recruits.

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