How Can Kansas Sneak Past Tech?

It’s clear Kansas has had a tough time against Big 12 opponents the last decade especially under David Beaty’s tenure. But one team in particular has given them a major beat down the last two years, and that’s Texas Tech, their next opponent.

Year Score Winner
2015 20-30 Texas Tech
2016 55-19 Texas Tech
2017 65-19 Texas Tech

I can’t come to any other conclusion why Texas Tech has had Kansas’ number the last two years other than they have a better coach. It seems odd to me especially since Beaty and Kingsbury have worked together and been close friends for quite some time. You’d think they’d share similar qualities. But no, not even close.

Kingsbury has had one of the best offenses in the Big 12 the last few years. The way his QB’s have played is absolutely amazing and one thing Kansas has certainly missed out on. Beaty on the other hand can’t seem to get his offense out of the bottom 100 ranks. And it all starts with poor QB play and ends with even worse play calling.

It’s also interesting that of the last two beat downs Texas Tech was a team many thought Kansas could sneak past. Even at the beginning of this year Tech was put on Kansas’ radar as a team they could beat. Now they’re ranked fourth in the Big 12 Power Rankings per Big XII Country and are showing no signs of slowing down.

But if Kansas wants to have a shot in this game what will they need to do?

The first thing is they need to pick a QB and stick with it. I realize Beaty had already chosen Bender as his starting QB, which many think is a mistake, but for once he needs to stick to that decision if that’s where he wants to go.

Beaty will also need to let Bender open up the offense. Take risks and throw the ball down field. This Texas Tech defense is much approved from a year ago and their strong point is rush defense. I still think Kansas will need to run the ball but I also believe it’s important they open up the field and keep the Tech defense honest. It’s the only way they will keep up.

It’ll be interesting to see how the team is prepared this week as well. A big factor will be whether Beaty’s offense comes out more prepared and avoids burning pointless timeouts. Whether it’s been too many men on the field, not enough, or just simply false starts the offense hasn’t helped itself. If Beaty wants a chance in this game they’ll have to help themselves.

And finally, Kansas needs to pray Tech’s backup plays and not Alan Bowman. Nothing against Duffey but Bowman is a whole different breed and he has a chance to be special. If Duffey does play it gives Kansas a chance to make some plays on defense. He isn’t necessarily what you’d call turnover prone as he hasn’t played enough to determine that, but Duffey’s lack of experience will certainly be an advantage for Kansas.


I don’t think this game will be much different than years past. Beaty has shaken up his offense mid-year, again, and I see this as only leading to more confusion and inconsistency. I have Texas Tech beating Kansas by the large margin of 52-13.

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