For the Players

Two weeks ago some displeased Kansas football fans paid to have a billboard posted on I-70 that read “The most incompetent thing I’ve seen in major sports” which is a quote by ESPN’s Dan Le Batard. He’s not entirely wrong as it’s been a major disappointment and potentially the worst eight year stretch this program has ever experienced. But that doesn’t mean I agree with the operation.

A few years ago, 2014 to be exact, Packers fans were up in arms about the early disappointing performance of their team. It made sense at the time as Green Bay was seriously under performing during a 1-2 start, especially considering the slew of talent they had on the roster. But Aaron Rodgers had a simple message for them—R-E-L-A-X. They went on to finish the year 12-4 and even made it to the NFC Championship game. Obviously a Super Bowl win would have been ideal, but 12-4 is a pretty big improvement from starting 1-2.

Now, I realize Kansas football is in a much deeper hole than what the Packers were, but my message remains the same—R-E-L-A-X.

I’m not going to throw stats around or try to make a case for why Zenger and Beaty deserve to have their jobs. The certainty in all of this is that they do have their jobs and they will all throughout the 2018 football season. So to be honest, there really isn’t any convincing that needs to be done. And that’s coming from a guy that not too long ago was loudly proclaiming his displeasure with Beaty and Zenger, and even at times expecting, not just asking for their dismissal.

But the truth is, that time has passed. Beaty is the coach and Zenger is the AD.

My recommendation for any fans that are upset with Beaty or Zenger and want them fired—channel that anger into support for the players. They haven’t been here the entire eight years, and neither have Beaty or Zenger, but the players are the ones fans should be focusing on.

So here’s my plea, as you’re getting this from a fan that at times called for Zenger and Beaty to be fired—lets start a new movement for the KU Football program—For the Players. That’s really why we’re here in the first place, right? To watch and support the players?

All I ask is less negativity and more support. Let’s lift the future of the program and the future of our entire University—For the Players.

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