Episode 112 – Baylor Preview

I’m joined by my co-host and Hawk Jock creator Ryne to talk about the Rutgers game and go over the Baylor preview.

– Rutgers Game
– Baylor Preview
– How much credit goes to Bill Miller on defense?
– Which QB plays more?

And much more!

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4 Replies to “Episode 112 – Baylor Preview”

  1. The Fitz is actually picking ku to beat a big 12 team? I’m impressed. I think that we will win but wouldn’t be surprised by a loss of up to 14 points. That being said I have Kansas winning 35-24.

    One thing that you should do that would be cool is have you, Ryne, and maybe three to four others make predictions every week on the KU games and post them in like a chart. That way people can see what different people are thinking and it’s fun to look at. Each person could give a synopsis of the game as well. Those are some of my favorite reads on other sports sites.

  2. I’m fine at this point with Bender getting the start over Kendrick. I’m sure both guys will play plenty, I just think Bender is a safer option in terms of turnovers. I have not been impressed by ethers ability to throw it but Kendrick got away with a couple throws against Rutgers that won’t work in this conference. Pooka throwing the ball isn’t a great idea IMO, I don’t mind trying a trick play from time to time when the game is tight but that was worst play call outside of the QB draw in OT by this staff. I believe we was up by 20 and in the red zone, all we did by using that play was show it to other teams and give them a chance to stay in the game. It hung it the air for way to long and should’ve been a pick 6. The attendance surprised me a little only being at 28,044 with Reesing in town and a winnable game but it’s what you would expect for a program with 5 wins in 4 years and I also think the heat did probably keep at least a few hundred in their living room. I could’ve gotten free tickets but we had some stuff come up so I unfortunately couldn’t make it. I think Tom Keegan said there hasn’t more that 34,000 fans at home game since 2013. This weekend is huge in eclipsing that number, with late night next week we know there will be plenty of people in town just for that. So if we can keep it going and pick up a win in Waco I’d expect 35,000-40,000 people in the stands for a ranked team in OK state coming in. The game should look like a Bill Synder team from here on out, play sound defense and run the ball effectively to control the clock. He wins 8 games a year on average with that strategy. There is no reason why we can’t so the same and I’ll just be honest, I think we have more talent than KSU. Not saying we will beat them but they don’t look like a good club so far but I’d bet Synder figures out how to get them to a bowl game. I have predicted 3 wins so far, got 2 of them correct. I think I’m going with Baylor Saturday. I think our pass defense looks very suspect and Baylor will have little resistance scoring at will. I’m also worried that the jury is out on us running and we will be forced to pass often resulting in turnovers and 3&outs. Baylor 42 Kansas 17.

  3. Well I don’t know what to think. We clearly aren’t good, but I think KSU is worse than us. The problem is that it’s a road game. ISU is still a possible win. I’m not saying we will win these games, but Baylor might be better than we realize. Matt Rhule said that this game was a turning point for them. An interesting side question for the Fitz is (I’m not saying we should keep Beaty) what is the difference between ISU keeping McCarney for so long compared to Beaty? Beaty inherited a program in worse shape, so why did McCarney get time? He didn’t get ISU to a bowl game until his 6th season. I remember McCarney as the coach but didn’t follow college football enough back then to really know much on this.

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