EP 120 – New OC & Basketball

I’m joined by my co-host and Hawk Jock creator Ryne, along with special guest Cam to talk about the new Kansas football OC and a lot of Kansas basketball.

– Chip Lindsey New OC
– Clint Bowen
– Dedric Lawson
– Villanova Game

And much more!

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One Reply to “EP 120 – New OC & Basketball”

  1. I agree with everything you said about Clint Bowen. I actually think he’d probably have greater success if he left KU. A smaller school would be ideal for him. I’ve said on other message boards that he comes across as a very competent DC. He talks a really good game, but the numbers just don’t lie. He’s never had a highly successful defense. Just how much of that can be blamed on the offense is up for debate. Is it bad ju ju? Bad luck? Are the stars just not aligned? Or maybe he’s just not that great. He has had access to NFL caliber talent for years. Has he effectively utilized that talent? I think the improvement in the defense this year was primarily because we had a lot of upperclassmen playing with tons of experience. Everyone likes Clint, but that’s not the reason to keep him around. We have endured so many blowout losses (many games were lost after the first quarter!). Any other P5 team would have fired Bowen a long time ago. I agree it’s in everyone’s best interest to get a fresh start, a new perspective, and break the cycle.

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