EP 117 – TCU Preview

I’m joined by my co-host and Hawk Jock creator Ryne to talk some KU football and basketball.

– Thoughts on the FBI investigation
– How can the NCAA Fix the issue
– TCU Preview
– KU fan questions

And much more!

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One Reply to “EP 117 – TCU Preview”

  1. The verdict looks good because it insinuates that Kansas had no knowledge of any payments made by Adidas. The Silvio deal will be interesting, at this point all they have is 2500 hundred dollars that is alleged his guardian took. I would bet on a suspension probably a short one. They could also rule he already served enough of one by missing time last season if the money is returned. KU should have a chance at beating TCU but I imagine it will go the same way as the KSU did last season, every chance to win but foolish play calling doomed them.

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