EP 116 – Texas Tech Preview

I’m joined by my co-host and Hawk Jock creator Ryne to talk some KU basketball and football.

– Beaty firing Meacham
– FBI College Hoops Investigation
– Texas Tech Preview
– Fan questions

And much more!

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3 Replies to “EP 116 – Texas Tech Preview”

  1. Beaty’s firing of Meacham was his Hail Mary with seconds left on the clock is all that was. One thing to consider while in the FBI topic is that Gatto’s lawyers are going to say whatever they can to make it look like he is innocent. There are a ton of questions yet to be answered that may never be like, Did KU actually pay these guy? I think there is a high chance they did but still don’t believe there is anywhere near enough to warrant any type of NCAA penalty if this all they have. KT saying we need to do whatever we can to get him here isn’t KT saying fine we will comply and give him his wants. I thought we had a fare chance of being clean looking at our classes compared to UK and Duke. I’m not saying it’s a 100% that we are not it’s still very disappointing as a fan to only win one NC in the last 30 years if we are paying guys. I’m definitely less excited going into what is supposed to be a great year for us. Some the other questions are is there a recording of Miller authorizing a payment of 100k to Ayton or was the media doing there new norm of pushing stories that will get clicks? Does the NCAA or anyone in this country have the balls to do investigate Duke? As you guys said if Zion wanted certain things to go to KU, he didn’t go to Duke free of charge. I personally have believed guys have gotten something to pay for at least decades, several former college star have even admitted to it ( Shaq,Jay Williams, Charles Barkley to name a few). KSU fans can act clean but everyone knows Beasley got paid, his former agent aired a ton of his dirty laundry a few years ago and I know his mom went from rags to riches for a fact. She lived in a multi million dollar condo by the country club in Manhattan, I know that as a fact as well. I think the NCAA deserves some of the blame in this, they have known and didn’t as long as it wasn’t blantly obvious. It’s kinda like driving 5 mph over the speed limit, most of us do it because we haven’t got a ticket for it. If we all started getting tickets for it we would be far less likely to do so. The NCAA wants Gatto to lose and not to pay players so they don’t have to change their tax from being a nonprofit organization, they want to make their millions and keep it. That same reason is why they won’t give a team the death penalty that’s a high profile, that same reason is why OU got in the dance a year ago. More people would watch the high touted Young than a bunch of no names from OSU or a mid major. I think KU could play with Tech if a high number of things go their way. Sounds like the QB will be Duffey, not often does a guy crush a lung and play next weeks Kilff is using coach speak to make seem like he is. Duffey has turned the ball over quite a bit for a little as he has played and our defense has a knack for picking off passes. The negative for us seeing him is his running capabilities, for some reason it seems we have struggled pretty much forever (even in Manginos days) of dealing with running a QB. One positive also is it sounds like several offensive players were unhappy with Meacham as well, several of them liked the Twitter post that he had been dismissed after it happened. Herbert needs more carries for a guys averaging over 6 yards a carry and they need to find more ways to get pooka in space with the ball ( I’d watch how Reid get Hill the ball in Sunday’s to help,in that department). Techs defense is tough to figure out, they looked great in most of their wins (letting up a combined 31 points between 3 of 4 wins). That being said I’m not foolish enough to predict a KU win on the road in conference, which hasn’t been done since 08. I think it will be closer than expected, I’ll go Tech 42-27.

  2. Also I’d like to add (even tho I already wrote a book lol), that the G league has announced a large increase in salaries. Which could deter more guys that direction in the future p, they can sign with an apparel company if they are in that league. I don’t think this fixes the issue but it could play a hand in slowing it down,

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