Dear Matt Baty

As most of you know Matt Baty, the senior associate athletics director and leader for the Williams Fund had some interesting remarks in regards to the new stadium renovations, Kansas football fans and the football program as a whole. Not many people were happy about it and I decided to mock up a letter that I’d send to him if I knew he’d read it.

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Dear Mr. Baty,

First let me start off with saying I love the University of Kansas and I love everything that has to do with it including and especially athletics. I have great pride in my school and there is nothing that lights a fire inside of me like a Kansas win—I don’t care what sport it’s in.

But for some reason I love Kansas football the most. It’s like a parent that has three kids and they all ask who you love the most. You’ll say you love them all the same but really we know that’s a lie. There’s always that little jerk that you can’t stand and you really don’t see how it’s even your kid. Unfortunately for me that’s the kid I love the most. Kansas football is that little jerk that I just don’t see how I could love, especially as much as I do.

What you need to understand as the “lead” of the Williams Fund and donations for the Kansas football stadium renovations is that you are not the parent in this scenario. I am the parent. I pay to see them play and I donate money so they can have everything all the other great programs have. You are nothing more than a glorified car salesman that’s looking to hit their quota and will do anything in their power to do so.

Now that we firmly understand where each other stand, let me tell you why the football program is as bad as it is and why it’s losing support…

You’re right, the average coach tenure is four years in the past 65 years of the program. But let me be clear in saying it is NOT the firing that is the issue—it is the hiring. If the right guy was hired—see Mangino—then they will stick around. After firing Mangino Kansas even had the opportunity to hire Jim Harbaugh, Dave Doeren, Troy Calhoun, Justin Fuente or Gus Malzahn. But they didn’t. And guess what? These are all coaches that have been very successful everywhere they’ve been. That to me is the real problem.

Which leads me to this—there is one thing I value in the work place more than anything else and that is accountability. If you don’t have this trait you will fail. We all have things that we are responsible for whether it be at work, at home or with our friends. If you do not have the ability to hold yourself accountable you will lose sight of what the real issues are. And you have done just that.

I’m not saying you’re solely to blame or even to blame at all for the Kansas football programs failures. I’m just saying you’re blaming the wrong people. The fans don’t hire the coaches. The fans don’t fire the coaches. The fans don’t decide what renovations do and don’t get done. The fans don’t game plan every week. The fans don’t recruit the players. But what DO the fans do? They give you money so you can have all of those nice things. They take time from their precious Saturdays and they choose to come and see the Kansas football program defend their schools home field. And they do that shit with pride.

So for you to put any responsibility on the fans is at best absurd. They are the reason this program is still alive and the reason you have a job. The fans have the control and they can end your precious little field trip as quick as you stepped on the bus.

At this point my recommendation for you is to step down—move on from the position you’re in because you obviously have lost your sight and accountability. The fans need someone they can trust who will not only have the back of the University of Kansas Athletics Department but someone who will have their backs as well.

You are no Jayhawk my friend. You are an imposter. Good day.

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