Can Kansas compete with Boston College?

The road for Kansas football doesn’t get any easier on Friday as they travel to Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts to take on a strong Boston College team.

Coming into the game Boston College is ranked 37th in the country while Kansas is 106th.

BC also has a strong offense, especially in the run game where they rank 18th in the nation. Kansas ranks 91st in rush defense.

This is also a team that doesn’t make many mistakes. BC is currently tied for 1st in the nation on turnover margin. Kansas is currently 119th.

One edge that Kansas does seem to have on their opponent is total defense. But don’t mistake this with defensive efficiency because BC also has the advantage in that category, likely because of their stronger schedule thus far and turnover margin.

How in the world does Kansas make this a game, then?

Luckily for them, nothing is impossible.

The first thing Kansas will have to do is score points.

In their first two games of the year the offense has only averaged 15.5 points per game. And this is against two inferior opponents especially on the defensive end.

This needs to change and it needs to change in a big way.

There are five guys on offense that can break a big play at any moment; Pooka Williams, Khalil Herbert, Daylon Charlot, Andrew Parchment and Stephon Robinson.

The plan should be to get these guys the ball as much as possible. And not just by way of hand off, but they need the ball in open space to give them a chance to make big plays.

The QB also has to make better decisions and take care of the ball. This includes running when his 2nd read isn’t there and doing it without hesitation.

If our QB can successfully run the ball it then pulls the DB’s in and keeps the defense honest.

BC gives up a lot of yardage on defense as they rank 91st in the country in this category, so the opportunities will certainly be there.

The real test for this Kansas offense, though, will be stopping BC on offense.

A glaring weakness on this Kansas defense is the run game. They give up too many rush yards.

BC is a team that runs a lot and runs well. Kansas will have to find a way to slow them down but at the same time staying tight on their defenders to not give up a big pass play.

The BC QB isn’t the best QB they’ll face this year, but he doesn’t make many mistakes and has already passed for five TD’s.

In comparison the Kansas QB has only passed for two TD’s and two interceptions.

Another fascinating fact about the BC offense is they love to spread the field.

They’ve thrown for 24 completions but have 10 players who have caught a pass.

This shows the QB has solid vision and a knack for finding the open man, regardless of where or who he is.

Kansas does hold a big advantage in special team’s efficiency even with their FG kicker having not been accurate thus far. They’ll certainly need to hit some FG’s making sure they score any time they cross the 50.

They’ll also need to take advantage of their all-star punter to force BC to work with a long field.

Overall this match-up looks too big to handle for a Kansas team that’s still learning on the fly, especially on the offensive end.

The good news is Kansas doesn’t have to win this game to prove anything, they just need to improve from the first few games and compete.

If they can make this a good game or even a close game, I think fans will be satisfied and still hold onto hope that Les Miles can eventually turn this ship around.

GAME: Kansas (1-1) @ Boston College (2-0)

LOCATION: Alumni Stadium in Chestnut Hill, Mass.

TIME: 6:30PM

TV: ACC Network

LINE: -21.0

PREDICTION: 38-13 Boston College

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