Busy Day For Kansas Football

Take a breath and relax, Kansas fans. It’s been a big and exciting day.


To start it off Les Miles landed two in-state recruits in Mason Fairchild, a 6’5 250 lb TE, and Jayden Russell, the top DB in the state of Kansas.

I wrote about this before, but it’s absolutely important that Les Miles hits Kansas hard in recruiting. And from the looks of it, that’s exactly what he’s doing. We’re not only seeing scholarship offers to the top talent in Kansas, but we’re also seeing loads of PWO (preferred walk-on) offers. These are massively important as they can provide a lot of depth especially going into the future.

Miles has also targeted a few other big Kansas names in Jax Dineen and Keenan Garber, both from the Lawrence, KS area. In order for Miles to land Garber he’ll have to get him to flip from KSU to KU. But Jax is undecided at the moment and has other offers from Air Force, Army, North Dakota State and Southern Miss.

It’s also no secret that Kansas had a big time visit from four star LB Donte Starks over the weekend. It appears he had a good time and plans on coming back.

If Miles can flip a guy who’s strongly committed to LSU, then it sets the tone for what this program can expect in the future. And for anyone who had any doubt about Miles, I think at this point it should be wiped away. He’s the real deal and he’s going to work his tail off to fill out this 2019 class the best he can.


Also on the docket is some news on a Defensive Coordinator. Many people have been curious whether Clint Bowen, current DC, would be staying or not. Most of those people wanting him out. But it appears we’ve heard a bit of breaking news and our next DC will likely be DJ Eliot, who most recently served as DC on the Colorado staff.

There really wasn’t much of a DC candidate list as Miles did a great job of keeping things quiet. But from what I’ve seen Eliot will be a definite upgrade to Bowen and he has ties to the Louisiana area.

Here’s some more information on Eliot:

  •  2017-2018 Colorado DC
    • 2017: Defense Finished 108th
    • 2018: Defense Finished 53rd (Significant Improvement)
  •  2013-2016 Kentucky DC
    • 2013: Defense Finished 71st
    • 2014: Defense Finished 76th
    • 2015: Defense Finished 59th
    • 2016; Defense Finished 86th

For comparison here is how our defenses have finished from 2013-2018.

  • 2013: Defense Finished 76th
  • 2014: Defense Finished 110th
  • 2015: Defense Finished 128th
  • 2016: Defense Finished 105th
  • 2017: Defense Finished 118th
  • 2018: Defense Finished 77th

As you can see Eliot is a significant upgrade on the defense. It’s also worth noting most of the Kansas defenses were ran by Bowen.

Now, I don’t think Eliot is the best hire Miles could have made. I would have much preferred Nate Woody or even Kevin Kane. They have much more impressive resumes and have had better defenses. But Miles set out to upgrade the staff and by bringing in Eliot that’s exactly what he’s done.

Either way today has been a big day. And expect the big days to keep coming as the rest of the staff fills out and the recruit commitments start rolling in.

It’s weird to feel a buzz around Kansas football. There’s always been curiosity and maybe a little bit of excitement from time to time, but this is a significant buzz that will continue all the way until the start of next season.

Kansas football is back and I’m excited to see what the future brings.

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