Burning Questions – 9.26.18

Welcome back to another edition of Burning Questions!

A lot of great questions this week so let’s get started…

This really is a great question and a hard one to answer.

But here are a few things I think previous coaches have failed at especially Beaty:

1.) Coaching – Kansas hasn’t had a decent coach since Mark Mangino was ran out of town. It’s not just finding the right guy it’s being able to use that guy correctly and being able to make him better. It doesn’t take a genius but it does take someone who understands the game and someone who understands people.

2.) Support – You also need to give the QB an offensive line. Put Todd Reesing behind our OL the last eight years and he’d struggle. Not a lot, but enough to notice. And then you have to provide him with a quality wide receiver core so he has players to throw to. Kansas absolutely has talent at this position but aside from Stevens Sims they’ve drastically under performed.

3.) Freedom – If you find a QB capable of running an offense, which is what you need to be successful, you need to give him the freedom to run it. Coaches may think they know everything but it’s hard for them to always make accurate decisions when they’re not out there playing. If a player sees a defensive coverage he thinks he can take advantage of he should be able to call an audible or even choose a specific play to expose them.

4.) Trust – This correlates with number three. When a coach picks a starting QB he needs to trust him and stick with him. He has no option but to trust him. Give him the keys to the offense and let him drive while trusting that every decision he makes is going to be the right one. It won’t always be the right one. But at least trust him enough that you stand behind him.

5.) Recruiting – Find a freshman QB and mold him and develop him into the player you want him to be. Kansas has relied too heavily on transfers instead of bringing in a true freshman and developing them. Find the right guy and invest in him.

Obviously these aren’t the only things holding Kansas back from having a decent QB but I think they’re the main cause. If the next coach can come in and recruit the right true freshman QB, coach him up, provide him support on the OL and at WR, give him freedom and then trust him with that freedom I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work out.

The only thing I can think of is Bender is great in practice. But even if he’s great in practice the coach needs to see this same play in live game action. Bender hasn’t been consistent with this but Beaty continues to trot him out there thinking one day it’ll all work out.

If it doesn’t work out in the first few games, as in the first few games of last year, then it won’t just work itself out. Bender simply doesn’t have the supporting cast to run the offense Beaty is asking him to run.

I also think Beaty feels bad because he brought Bender here and now he’s a senior. He wants Bender to succeed so much that he’s too stubborn to give up on him and try someone else.

If only he had stuck with Carter Stanley and invested time in developing him I think we’d be much further than we are. Stanley looks the best when he’s out there, there’s no doubt in my mind. But Beaty hit the panic button too soon and gave up on him.

I’m not sure we’ll have a new coach by Saturday but I think it’s possible Beaty will no longer be the head coach by Monday.

Jeff Long has said multiple times he doesn’t like changing coaches mid year. And I get it. It creates a lot of extra work for him and if the team isn’t lost they certainly would be lost by then. But when you look at the play on the field, the fans in the stands and the putrid recruiting class it’s hard to imagine that Long wouldn’t make the change.

Either way I trust in Long and I’m guessing he’s already poking around to see who’d be interested in taking the job. He won’t fire Beaty without having a plan in place so if he does then expect big things moving forward.

If Beaty stays on for the entire year I don’t see him changing any staff around. He’s already shown enough inconsistency and turnover at his coordinator positions so to continue to do so would be asinine.

If anything does change it would take firing Beaty and then a coordinator would take over as interim. And then we might see a bit of a shakeup depending on who the interim was and what they’re plan of attack is. Other than that, though, I don’t see much changing.

This is tough to say because I absolutely love college football but I do think a lot of Kansas fans are done with football and 100% ready for basketball.

I mean talk about opposite sides of the spectrum.

One sport you’re so dominate at it’s almost laughable. Fourteen conference titles in a row? It’s absolutely nuts.

And then there’s football, sitting at the bottom of the Big 12 as if it’s built itself a forever home. The one positive thing is they’ve shown consistency. But the wrong type of consistency.

So, I don’t blame fans at all. Basketball is much more exciting as a Kansas fan and the way football has played the last eight years it should be.

It also goes without saying that the basketball team is loaded this year. Self has had some incredibly exciting years but if he plays his cards right this could be his most exciting.

Welp, that’s it folks! Once again thanks for the questions!

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7 Replies to “Burning Questions – 9.26.18”

  1. I would say the QB position isn’t all on the QB, the offensive line has been nothing short of terrible against decent competition. We’ve all heard of how great Crist and Heaps were in practice maybe Bender is the same. It seems like the coaches have told him no turnovers, which he’s done a good job of not turning it over but at some point we are going to have to throw the ball. Carter Stanley should get the start this weekend, he is probably the 2nd best at throwing and running while Bender can’t move. I personally think Bender could be a decent QB if we had a line. Beaty is confusing because he seems set on Bender but wasn’t set on Willis, who I believe was the best we’ve had. He is set to get a start with Virginia Tech, with the starter breaking his leg. I’ll be excited to watch him, also Starks has been doing solid at his Junior college and Beaty never even gave him a chance on a 1-11 team. The list of players that never really got a shot under Beaty that are succeeding elsewhere are a testament to his poor coaching and judge of talent.

  2. Interesting to hear people’s viewpoints on Beaty. I was one of the people that wanted him fired after last season and I hadn’t changed my stance. He improved his standing after the central Michigan game and improved it even more after the Rutgers game. The problem is what we had seen before was enough. I talk about bowl game with this team sometimes because with the athletes we have, there is a reason to think things could go just a little differently to get us there. This would also take good coaching which is what I hoped would change. If Beaty wins 6 games then he should stay because in order to do that he would have to be doing something right. Wins are very important in measuring where a coach is at. You have to be careful though because mangino only won 4 games in his third year and 6 in his fifth year, but he still deserved his position based on how close the losses were. Beaty has too many embarrassing blowouts and because we haven’t had one of those this year I still remain optimistic for three wins. This is beaty’s best team so in theory three wins shouldn’t be difficult but of course like I mentioned above, that doesn’t save his job. Only 6 would.

    1. Beaty won’t win six games and if he did he should still be fired for what he’s done to the roster. The only way this team wins six games, though, is if Beaty is fired during the Bye Week and an interim steps up and does things their way.

  3. Another question, you guys see what’s happening at Independence Community College? Wow, they got shut out by a winless team at home last week. After a 1-3 start, there’s a ton rumors going around, none of which are good. Some are saying the team has quit on Coach Brown. It will make for an interesting Last chance U next summer.

    1. Yea I did notice that. We had the pleasure of having Jeff Carpenter, Voice of the Pirates, on our podcast a few months back. He’s such a great guy and it was a good time. It’s tough seeing them lose when hopes were so high.

  4. I still don’t agree that you fire a coach after a 6-6 season if he went 0-12, 2-10, and 1-11. 6-6 is a massive improvement. Most fans would be upset if they fired him for going 6-6 because what if we fire him and then the next coach is bad? Nebraska was spoiled with Osborne and so they get rid of Solich only to lead their program into the miserable state that it’s in. Firing Beaty after a 6-6 year and getting another Charlie weis is not the right move. The idea is not to try and get a home run coach. The idea is to improve the football program. If Beaty goes 6-6 (which I agree that he won’t), that is improving the program. I know that you will bring up the recruiting but if we win 6 games then that will take care of itself.

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