Burning Questions – 9.18.18

Back for another edition of my weekly Burning Questions Blog!

Having confidence is always better than not having confidence. And with how bad Kansas beat Rutgers (55-14) some of that could even be turning into swagger.

But what concerns me is confident Beaty teams can play just as bad as a team with zero confidence. A lot of that is being unprepared and unfocused.

I think this year is different, though. Kansas has a solid group of upperclassmen and they have some newcomers that are making an immediate impact from Pooka Williams and Coe Harris, to new faces on the offensive line.

I also like Beaty’s new calm and “we’re not finished” attitude. He’s taking it all in stride and not getting over excited about it. He knows the true test is the Big 12 and that’s the only thing that’ll save his job.

Will it be enough to get a win at Baylor, though?

I honestly think Kansas has a solid shot at beating Baylor. I won’t go out and say they will just yet, but it’s very possible. And if they do beat Baylor, especially since it’s also a road game, we could see a Kansas team full of swagger and nine other teams in the Big 12 with a bit of concern in their eyes.

This is a question that has been asked quite often and each week I’m sure the answer could change.

Winning is a huge part of what could keep Beaty’s job but even just competing would be an improvement. For Beaty, though, I think he needs at least 3-4 Big 12 wins to even have a shot at returning in 2019.

When he came into the year he was 3-33. That’s a horrible record and I’m not sure any coach has returned for a job after being that bad. Of course Kansas had some roster issues so there was a bit of leniency in there, but the most painful part was watching how the team didn’t progress as Beaty added more scholarship players. They actually got worse from year two to year three.

It was clear at that point Beaty just wasn’t a good coach. But that’s what Kansas needs most, a guy that can come in and coach up players with less talent to compete with teams that have more talent.

They’re not a team that will traditionally land big time recruits. And I’ll give credit to Beaty for landing some unexpected players, such as Coe Harris and Pooka Williams, but two guys won’t save a program. And just because they’re four star players doesn’t mean they don’t need to be coached up.

And what I’m about to say next may not sit well with some Kansas fans, but I’m being honest.

If Beaty does get 3-4 Big 12 wins and returns for 2019 it could be the worst thing to happen to this program. There’s no doubt he’s a great guy and the players love him, but he’s not a good coach. Kansas needs a good coach. And as hard as that may be to find they really need to figure it out as soon as possible because time is slipping away.

This is an excellent question and one that Beaty is probably toying with as we speak. The problem we’ll have is that he’s “toying” with it and has an issue with making decisions.

It was nice to see him choose a starting QB before the season. That hasn’t happened since he’s been here as we’ve always had at least a two man race. This two man race would last the entire year, each year, which made the QB position inconsistent and more times than not, horrible.

But here we are, in Beaty’s fourth year, and we still have a QB controversy going into game four. I don’t have any more faith in him today than I did in his second year when we started to realize how bad of a coach he was. So I don’t expect him to make the right decision here, either.

Having said that, the right guy in my mind is Miles Kendrick. I like Bender and had he been on a team that knew how to coach QB’s he might even be decent. But this year he’s playing so safe that he won’t even throw the ball in the vicinity of his own players in fear it’ll be intercepted. That’s not productive and makes the passing game ineffective.

Miles won’t be a guy that can go out and sling it, but he’s a guy that is a play maker. He works well out of the pocket, he can run and he’s a guy that plays with confidence and swagger. His accuracy was a big issue in the Spring but he had a beautiful touchdown pass to Jeremiah Booker that all but shored that concern up.

I think the most important thing in Beaty making this decision is that he does it ASAP. He can’t wait to see who shows up in practice. He only has five days to prepare so he needs to decide who gets the QB1 snaps, that way whoever it is will be prepared. I don’t see this happening and my guess is both QB’s will play at Baylor.

But if it were me, I’d go with Miles Kendrick. He’d get all the QB1 reps and my game plan would be to play him 100% of the game.

The only source I could find to for this is Wikipedia and it shows the attendance for the Nicholls game at 24,305 and the attendance for the Rutgers game at 28,044. Obviously Wikipedia isn’t a great source but it’s something.

I even took a quick video a few minutes into the second half and it was not good.

Needless to say I was at both games and the Wikipedia numbers seem to be pretty close.

What’s concerning for Kansas is they only gained around 4,000 fans from their loss to Nicholls to their road win against CMU. I would have imagined that number to be bigger especially with Todd Reesing coming to down and Pooka Williams being such a blast to watch.

I feel bad for the people that didn’t show up, though, because it was well worth it. Kansas stomped Rutgers 55-14, Pooka was fascinating to watch, the Kansas defense turned the ball over six times, and then Todd Reesing gave one last fist pump.

KU Football gets to five wins because of Pooka Williams and their Defense.

KU football will lose the remaining games because of their lack of passing attack.

I’m not saying Kansas will get to five wins but if they do it’ll be on the shoulders of those two things. I don’t think they will, though, and my guess is they’ll be lucky to get one, maybe even two Big 12 wins.

That’s a wrap on this weeks Burning Questions and congrats to Justin (@justinkstonyc) for the question of the week!

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4 Replies to “Burning Questions – 9.18.18”

  1. I agree that we should use caution as Beaty is still in the top 10 of worst coaches in the fbs so we could still go 2-10. However, I also took Beaty out of my top 5 for worst coaches in the fbs after that win against Rutgers. While still a bad coach, he’s getting more respect by me. If we go 2-10 then of course he needs to be fired, but what if we go 6-6? It is possible, and we can’t fire him then. I personally want Beaty back if he goes 6-6. Yeah he loses a lot of seniors but I really think he might get a four star or two if he goes 6-6. I’m thinking one of those if not two may be wr’s because we will need that. Another four star might be a DE. We will see but DT might be the most concerning for next year. You not only lose your starters in Daniel Wise and JJ Homes but you lose a top backup in Isi Holani as well. The only other defensive tackles that I know about on the team are Codey Cole and Jelani Brown. Our secondary seems so much better than last year and you only lose one starter back there so at least the defense will have an area of strength going into next year. Rb’s are definitely a big strength going into next season as all 3 main running backs are back. Lose Bender, Saunders, and three good receivers and one starting o-lineman. Should be interesting but if Beaty goes 6-6 I definitely want him back.

    1. It’ll definitely be hard to fire Beaty after going 6-6 but I think we 100% should. We need a coach that is proven to coach. We can’t waste anymore time. The Big 12 contract comes up in 2025 and Kansas will need to have a solid five years of respectability in order to keep itself in the conference or to have a shot at entering a different Power 5. Not that I think the Big 12 will disappear but it’s all up to Texas and OU. Also banking on Beaty getting a lot more 4 star recruits is asinine. It won’t happen and even if it did it wouldn’t matter. I’d take 3 star recruits and a coach that is proven to coach over 4 star recruits with a coach that isn’t. High star recruits aren’t nearly as important as the right players for the right program under the right coach.

  2. So your saying if we go 6-6 this year, then we will be set back by Beaty? How are you set back by a coach that goes from 1-11 to 6-6? That’s progress. Our best players are not all seniors. We still have a lot of good players coming back and if we go 6-6 this year, would you really be upset if we went 5-7 next year? You can’t just improve every year. Also, we had less scholarship players last year than the year before. Sometimes, I don’t think fans realize the hole he was in with the scholarships. We say it should take a normal coach three years. So why is everyone upset. Do people not realize how many injuries we had last year. You can’t win that way. Conference realignment talk about ku getting kicked out of the big 12 is a joke. Ku is one of the top academic schools in the big 12 with the best men’s basketball program and not even the worst football program. Kansas is fine when discussing realignment. I would be more concerned if we were still 1-11 year in and out, but I think we will be winning more games than 1 for awhile.

    I’m hoping that Beaty makes me take him off the hot seat but it’s still early in this season. Lots can happen.

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