Burning Questions 12/21/18

Burning Questions is back! Sorry for the long hiatus but I felt now would be a great time to bring my favorite blog back.

Anyways, let’s get started!

I think a lot of fans are at least relieved he won’t be the Defensive Coordinator but it does draw a little bit of concern that he’s still on the staff. Bowen has been too much a part of this horrible decade of Kansas football and keeping him around simply seems ridiculous at this point.

But, I don’t think it was a horrible move. Oddly enough Bowen is a favorite among many Lawrence HS players and keeping him around will help ensure we land local talent. Even though Kansas missed on Jax Dineen and Keenan Garber.

I also think Bowen is a smart guy and a lot of his failures as DC have been more on the head coaches than him. The offenses have been horrible and that doesn’t make it easy on a guy when his defense is out on the field more than the offense. That’s not to say Bowen isn’t to blame for a lot of the defensive mistakes. He’s had his fair share of being unprepared and simply looking like he hadn’t watched any game film on the opposing offense.

But either way it shouldn’t be too much of a concern that he’s only running safeties this year. It will allow him to have a smaller focus without getting so much of the blame and hopefully give him a chance to improve in an area which I don’t think he’s great at—recruiting.

This is a tough question especially since Les Miles coached at a top notch program before Kansas and scheduling tough hardly seemed to be much of a concern. But I would like Les to schedule games that are winnable but at the same time give us solid credit if we win. Obviously he’ll have to schedule at least one Power 5 opponent each year in non-conference, per NCAA rules, but maybe go after the mid-tier teams instead of the bottom feeders or the top dogs.

I also think scheduling games in specific regions will help in recruiting tremendously. Bill Self does it and I fully expect Les Miles to do it as well. It allows Kansas to get into a new market and anytime you can get a guy with a big name like Les in the door of a recruits home he has a chance of landing him.

It is absolutely joyous and I hope it continues. The buzz around Lawrence, KS is insane right now and I love it.

As Kansas fans we get sick of using basketball as our scapegoat. We want to be great at every sport and we want to be proud of it. I think Les Miles gives us that mojo and confidence back and I’m fully confident he’ll get us back on track.

I hate to say this but no, I don’t think he plays at all. The NCAA has already made it clear they won’t make any decisions until the Final Four. I’m guessing it’s because there are still trials scheduled in February. But it doesn’t give them a reason to keep a student-athlete on the hook who’s trial is already over. I think it’s weak and lazy by them and goes to show what their real priorities are—not the student-athletes.

And I’m not saying Silvio should be punished. I’m also not saying he should. But he deserves an answer so he can decide the next steps to his future.

Either way the NCAA is a joke and until they get their priorities straight we’ll see more of the same each and every year.

With Les Miles only able to have 15 players in this class and being that he wasn’t able to start until December with only one commit, which has now de-committed, I’m thinking anywhere between 100-110 would be pretty solid.

You also have to remember before Beaty was fired we were at one point 174th. Or potentially even worse. But this year isn’t about rankings for Les Miles. It’s about finding the right players to fill the gaps that can make a difference right away and plugging away at the 2020 class which I’m sure will be much more impressive.

Kansas lost a lot of starters last year, including two LB’s, two DL, three top WR’s, and the QB with the most starting experience. And they even face losing their star RB who honestly was probably the biggest reason they had any wins this year.

Having said that Les Miles is miles ahead of David Beaty when it comes to being a head coach (see what I did there). He can do much more with much les (I did it again). But I don’t expect him to come out and go to a bowl game his first year. I do expect to win at least three games with a ceiling of about five wins. If he does makes a bowl game then build him a statue.

But I’m just one person and everyone will have different expectations. I think the most important thing to realize is that it takes some to install a new offense and defense and with a completely new staff. Beaty also didn’t leave much for Miles, although it was more than what was left to him.

Having said that, in order for Kansas football to be “back” we’ll need a bowl game by Miles’ 3rd or 4th year and at least five wins in two of those seasons. We also have to be competitive in every game and put an offense on the field that can consistently move the ball. If those things happen, I think Kansas football we’ll be in solid shape for the future.

I’ll be honest but I haven’t watched much OSU basketball. I’m not sure many games have even been aired which should tell you enough. But this year will be a down year for OSU. I’m not worried, though, because Boynton is a heck of a coach and he’ll have it back as soon as next year. And I still wouldn’t be surprised to see Kansas lose at OSU again this year. That’s the toughest arena for us to play in (looking at you ISU and WVU fans) and it seems they get the best of us more often than not.

We actually did get a HS QB this cycle in Torry Locklin. I’m not sure he’s the future but he’s definitely a dual threat guy who’s had some solid success in HS.

As far as the OL we actually returned a lot of guys in that area and I’d expect it to be much better under Les Miles. I would still like to see one or two OL recruits to finish out the 2019 class but we also need some LB’s and may even need a RB.

And I wouldn’t expect any transfers unless Carter Stanley or Miles Kendrick decide to transfer. Bringing in a big time coach like Les Miles should be enough to keep players around. Also keeping Hull and Bowen helps a lot.

I’m not what you’d call a Chiefs fan but to be fair I don’t have an NFL team I openly root for. I just have a few I root against, those being New England, Dallas and Seattle.

But I think after last weeks tough loss at home Kansas City gets back on track and gets a tough win against Seattle. It won’t be pretty but it’ll be a win. I’m going with KC 21-17.


Welp, that does it! Thanks again for all the questions and I look forward to continuing this every week after the Holliday’s.

Merry Christmas to you all and I hope you have a nice and refreshing break!

Rock Chalk!


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