Burning Questions 10/10/18

Welcome back to this weeks edition of Burning Questions. It looks like I have some solid questions this week so I’ll dig right in.

If you asked me before the West Virginia game if Beaty would get fired I would have told you yes. But ask me again after the game and I’d tell you no.

It’s not that I think Beaty deserved to stay but I feel like he showed Jeff Long enough to keep his job until Long finds his replacement. That’s the key word here—replacement.

There’s no doubt in my mind Beaty will be fired this year. It’s more a matter of when than if. But fans are starting to grow restless because the speculation was that Long would let him go during the bye week giving two weeks for an interim to prepare.

Here’s the deal, though…

Long said from the beginning that he doesn’t like firing coaches mid season. It’s not a good look especially from a program that has lacked support the last decade. So, this is nothing more than him sticking to his word.

I also think this is a message to his next coach, to show that he will support them and give them all the space and time they need to get the job done. No way Kansas lands a big or proven name if they think Long will just toss them at the first sign of struggle.

But getting back to the question…Do I think there will be ‘Fire Long’ burner accounts?

As impatient as fans are these days, and they have every right to be, I could see it happening. But once the season is over and Long can finally take action those accounts will turn into ‘Long Fan Accounts’ because I have a feeling he’ll impress.

Either way the key for fans is to just be patient a little while longer. Long absolutely has a plan.

I’m not sure we’ll hear anything from Jeff Long again until the end of the season. That is unless he finds his guy before then.

Long is a methodical man. He’s patient unlike the rest of us that have endured this train wreck of a football program. This is the type of guy we need, though. We can’t afford someone rushing to find a solution. Long will take his time and he’ll make the best decision for the program even if it pains the fans to wait just a little while longer.

And by a little while longer I just mean until the end of the season. There is very little chance Beaty is back next year and if he is queue the billboard—Fire Jeff Long.

But my guess is the weekend after the last game Long will make his move by firing Beaty and starting his search for a replacement. Which in my opinion has already begun.

This is a great question.

It’s going to be hard for Beaty to land commitments at this point. Unless he knows something we don’t—that he’ll be back next year. And if that’s the case we’ll have more problems than our 2019 class.

Think about it, though. If a coach like Beaty came into your home, that was 5-37 and who’s AD was just fired because of the football program, would you take him seriously? I know I wouldn’t and I’m sure a lot of these recruits he’s visiting feel the same. But why not take the in home visit and pick up a D1 Power 5 offer? This could lead to more Power 5 offers from more established programs. So in a sense Beaty is nothing more than a stepping stone for most of the recruits to get better offers.

And to be honest his best options will be JUCO players. And if he gets any commitments from them it’ll likely be the ones that don’t have any other D1 Power 5 offers. It’s certainly not a good route for Beaty to take but at this point I’m sure he’s just looking to fill the class up.

As for the Louisiana pipeline I’m not sure Tony Hull can do anymore convincing to attract additional talent from the area. Not until the program starts winning and the coaching staff can show they know how to coach.

And I think if we do get any additional commitments while Beaty is here it’ll be from lower end JUCO players and/or guys that would love to play for Kansas but just haven’t received an offer yet. And unfortunately neither one of these will be what turns the program around.

I really haven’s seen anything new that we haven’t heard about Silvio De Sousa. But I have seen that Bill Self along with this assistants will be witnesses in the trials. It does not mean they’re guilty whatsoever but it does likely mean they’ll be answering questions about De Sousa.

The good thing in all of this, though, is that the University of Kansas is still being viewed as a ‘victim.’ This meaning they didn’t know about what happened, if it did in fact happen, and they had no control over the situation.

It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out but if neither Self and his staff or the University were involved I’d say we shouldn’t be too worried.

I know this question was more of a joke than anything but I’ll answer it anyways.

Let’s go ahead and get one thing straight right off the bat…Kansas is a victim. These aren’t my words these are the words of the court. And these are their words after a timely investigation into everything that’s happened in college hoops.

I can’t see a program that is viewed as a ‘victim’ getting banned from the NCAA tournament. Especially one that brings the NCAA so much money and is as high profile as Kansas.

But if there are any penalties handed down I think the worst that could happen is that De Sousa is declared ineligible and Kansas will have to vacate their 14th straight Big 12 title and their Final Four run.

The unfortunate part of all of this is innocent people will be punished in this worst case scenario. This includes the coaches that had no knowledge, the players that did things the right way, and the fans that love Kansas and pay to see the games. How the NCAA can justify a punished that affects the innocent is beyond my comprehension. But it happens.

And in my opinion only the guilty parties should be punished. Put the Adidas agents in prison for fraud and take away their license to be an agent. Clear the air that offering college players money or gifts will not be tolerated and swift action will be taken if not obeyed.

As for the parents and/or players that take the money simply declare them ineligible to play college from that point on and make them pay the money back. This would limit any unnecessary punishment against any innocent parties and hopefully keep these things from happening.

But one thing I’ll never understand is how other Big 12 teams could want this to happen to another team in the league. Will they actually hope Kansas is punished and loses the Big 12 title streak? Is that how they would want Kansas to lose it? Because some sleazeball agent went behind the Universities back and paid a player and his family?

If that’s how they think then I can see why they haven’t won a Big 12 title in 14 years.

A Bill Self team would never accept handouts. They’ve earned every win, every Big 12 Title, and every NCAA Tournament appearance. Rock. Chalk.

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  1. I get people are impatient at this point with KU football we haven’t had a winning season in 10 years and haven’t won more than 3 games in a season in 9 years (assuming we don’t get more than 1 more win). But calling for Long to fired just a few months into his tenure for not firing Beaty half way thru the year, when the next coach isn’t coming from this staff is flatout lunacy. I’d say us fans had better get patience because the next guy is gonna need time to rebuild this place Beaty may have turned into a 6 or 7 year process with how bad he’s done. It’s scary to think about but we could end up with right around 40 scholarship players for next season pending on who transfers and if we can sign our max of 15 players.

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