Burning KU Football Questions

Crystal Ball: Who are we looking at being back after Beaty is gone in terms of assistant coaches?

-Justin Wasmuth @thewazzie

This is a great question because Kansas does have some solid assistant coaches. Having said that I don’t think any of them will be retained. We’ll have a new AD and a new football coach so I’m assuming they’ll just want to start fresh. A guy like Tony Hull has proven he can recruit big time players but his name is still tied to a 3-33 team. And that record could get even worse by years end. I’m not saying it’s all his fault or even his fault at all, but obviously there’s a disconnect with Beaty and his entire staff when it comes to developing and preparing players.

But, IF any assistants were to be retained the three I’d look to keep are Tony Hull, Garrett Riley and/or Bill Miller. Also if Beaty does get fired during the year I’d love to see Hull take over as interim. Maybe he performs better without Beaty. How much of a turnaround would that be if Beaty gets fired after going 1-2 in non-conference play then Hull steps in and finishes the season with 5-6 wins? It’d be hard not to give him a shot at head coach.

Will running clock make a return this year in a KU FBall game(s)?

Brown Bear @2theBrownBear

Last year against TCU Kansas had probably one of the worst offensive performances they’ve ever had. And I don’t mean just under Beaty, I mean in its history of having a football program. They finished with 21 total offensive yards which was enough to break the Big 12 record in least yards gained in a game. It was also the lowest in the last 20 seasons of the FBS.

But the most embarrassing part was the running clock in the fourth quarter. The reasoning was they (the officials) saw weather coming in and wanted to get the game done before it got bad. I get that to a point, but had this been a competitive game would this have even been an option? No. Not ever.

So it stands to reason that most of the clock running was due to a ‘mercy rule’ in that Kansas’ offense was so bad it made everyone watching the game, including the coaches and players, feel bad for them. I was actually surprised Beaty even agreed to it given his stubbornness, but he sure enough did. And if it were up to me he’d have been fired after this game. But that’s not the question.

Will we see the running clock again this year?

No, I don’t think so. And for a few reasons…

  • Beaty knows he made a mistake in allowing the clock to run and made the program look even worse than it was. If this were to ever happen again I’m pretty confident he’ll have them run the clock normal.
  • We have too much production returning for our team to be that bad. If they are, say goodbye to Beaty.
  • The situation was a rare case. How often is an offense this bad and then followed up by bad weather so the refs decide to run the clock? Not often at all.

So, I think we’re safe from seeing another running clock. At least I sure hope so because I don’t think my ego can take much more punishment.

Do you think that the QB situation at Kansas effected the ranking for someone like Steven Sims Jr. to get on this list? (Referring to the Big 12 top players list put out by Heartland Sports)

-Hawk Jock @hawkjock_ku

Yes, I definitely do. Steven Sims Jr. is one of the best WR’s to ever play at Kansas and the records show that. He’s also done all of this with some of the worst group of QB’s the program has ever seen. Could you imagine him with Todd Reesing? It almost wouldn’t be fair.

But the QB play is definitely unfortunate for a player like Sims. He’s so good but if only had a quality QB to get him the ball he could have been a legend.

And this may be a ridiculous comparison but he reminds me of Antonio Brown. He’s quick, fast, has impeccable route running and works his tail off. That’s why I hope Sims gets a chance in the NFL because I think we can see some great things from him.

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