Bill Self and Second Round Exits

Recently I got into a conversation with someone out in the twitter world about some Bill Self and KU criticism that I didn’t really agree with. That criticism is that Kansas always loses in the second round of the NCAA Tournament, so I thought that I would do a little research.

As you can see in this tweet that the person is a Nebraska fan, the only school in a power conference without a NCAA Tournament game win, so you kind of just have to take what someone like that says with a grain salt. But it did get me curious on how much truth was behind this criticism and what active coaches in the NCAA have had better success than Bill Self since being at Kansas.

Come to find out, there have only been four other active coaches that have had the same or more NCAA tournament success since Self’s first year at Kansas in 2003-2004.

Yes, the major criticism is that coach Self loses in the second round and I do agree that it seems like it has happened more than not, but out of these five coaches that I have named, only Calipari has made it past the second round more.  Not only has Self been past the second round as many times as three out of the other four that I named, he has also never missed the NCAA Tournament or had any NCAA sanctions ruled against him since being at Kansas.

Kansas has a coach that has taken them to more NCAA Tournaments than Williams, Calipari, or Wright have been to in the last 14 years.  I know that Self doesn’t have as many National Championships as Williams or K but at least he continues to get in the tournament and give a chance.  That’s a lot more than many other schools can say.

So next time a someone comes at you and tells you to “that it doesn’t matter because of second round exits,” you now have a few facts to back you up, especially if they are a Nebraska homer.

Bill Self does not lose in the first weekend or second round of the NCAA tournament more than other top tiered coaches but he does continue to make sure we are dancing every year come March!


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