Big 12 Media Days: Beaty’s Opening Comments

Big 12 Media Days are here and in full swing. I remember this time last year when I was as excited and optimistic as I’ve been since the Mangino days. But then that hope and optimism was sunk like the Titanic after watching Kansas get embarrassed by a mediocre MAC team on their own turf.

Today is a different story though. I’m already angry, upset, disappointed, disgusted, confused and flat out embarrassed. I’m hoping that changes by seasons end, whether that means all expectations were exceeded or we’ve successfully found a new coach.

Anyways, let’s take a look at a few Beaty quotes at the Big 12 Media Days opening conferences and analyze them a bit.

Before digging right into David Beaty’s comments though, I do want to stress how much I respect the man as a person. He’s about as positive and energetic of a person you can find especially for someone who coaches the Kansas football program. It’s hard not to feed off of his energy and it gets fans pumped up and ready for football season.

Here we go…

When asked what his win total expectations are he deflected and said, “Our goal is to go 1-0 every single week. As far as a win total for the season, I don’t know. By December we will know.”

I’m not sure I wanted a specific number from him because odds are whatever he spewed out wouldn’t be attainable, but I was looking for some semblance of a target. His answer flat out deflected and dodged the question, leaving fans and media members still not sure what Beaty expects from the team—other than playing hard of course.

I also thought about what I’d say if I were in his position. Honestly, I think he said the best thing he could have for himself. Why give a number or an answer? Your program is so bad by giving a number it just makes you look even worse when you don’t attain it—which if that number was above three he’d have no chance.

It still doesn’t mean his answer was the right answer. It was selfish and I think he owes a little more to the fans than a simple deflection and obvious statement. They’ve suffered long enough and at this point they’re sick of the nonsensical answers—they want reality, even if it hurts. Either way this answer left me with nothing, just as I expected.

Beaty also talked about the QB race. Benton Smith from LJ World wrote on his twitter, “KU QB situation is still a competition. Bender, Stanley, Kendrick in the mix, but KU wants to narrow it down to 2 soon. And wants to pick the guy quickly.”

Obviously Kansas has had issues with quarterbacks the last eight years and naming one early has been a major issue for David Beaty. It does appear that he’s focused on getting one named sooner rather than later though, and that is refreshing. Whether it gets done or not is another conversation for later, but it appears his expectation is that it will be.

Finally he talked more about the handshake snub against OU last year as Benton also wrote on his twitter, “Learned it’s all about class. Decisions need to be based on more than just ourselves.” He even quotes Beaty in the post, “There’s no place for that in college athletics.”

I’m surprised this is still being brought up, but at the same time I’m not surprised because it was a pretty big deal when it happened. I think the big concern was that it was the captains who thought this whole thing was a good idea, which reflects Beaty’s leadership skills. It obviously back fired as Kansas ended up losing and made a joke out of themselves.

TCU Head Coach, Gary Patterson, even quoted, “Coaching is 10 percent play calling, 90 percent managing people” right before Beaty came to the podium. This couldn’t be more fitting as it seems Beaty has failed at 90 percent of his job which includes managing people.

Overall, I wasn’t left with much after Beaty’s beginning comments at the Big 12 Media Days. He did just as expected and my guess is the team will too. If any progress or hope will be made with this team it’ll have to be shown on the field because it surely won’t come out of Beaty’s mouth.

Stay tuned as I’m sure there will be more to come this week

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4 Replies to “Big 12 Media Days: Beaty’s Opening Comments”

  1. I think Beaty said all he could. He knows he’s a lame duck coach. He knows he’s failed at managing this program. He knows he’s in over his head. I do wish he’d be a little more transparent and a lot less Pollyanna. It gets so annoying listening to the same positive, delusional sound bites over and over. At least he has a little more substance than Turner Gill. That guy repeated himself over and over and said absolutely nothing.

    1. It seems like we’ve heard the same things for awhile now. But at the end of the day the play on the field will speak for itself. And I don’t feel like Long is going to play the wait and see approach. The first sign of incompetence this year and he pulls the trigger.

      1. I hope you’re right about Long pulling the trigger. I don’t think keeping Beaty in there would make any sense for the program. I think if we go 2-1 or better in the noncon, we keep him, but if he gets blown out in the next couple of league games, he should be gone.

        1. Of course I’m hoping that’s what happens, but who knows. I think Long needs to not only evaluate Beaty this year but look into the future and see where the program is heading. In 2020 things are going to look pretty bleak as far as scholarship players are concerned. And if he loads up on a ton of JUCO recruits again it could happen all over again. There’s a lot more than winning that Beaty is having a hard time at. I just hope Long identifies that and doesn’t hesitate to make the right decision.

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