Big 12 Improvements From 2015-2018

Now that we know Beaty will likely finish the season I wanted to take a look at how the team has improved from his first year to this year against the three Big 12 teams Kansas has faced so far.

And from the stats and final scores it’s clear there is definite improvement.

Team/ Year Pass Yards Rush Yards Pass Defense Rush Defense Turn Marg
Score Point Diff
Baylor 2018 149 122 257 190 0 26-7 BAY -19
Baylor 2017 163 126 335 120 -2 38-9 BAY -29
Baylor 2016 134 83 207 246 -4 49-7 BAY -42
Baylor 2015 158 69 363 281 -1 66-7 BAY -59
OSU 2018 247 121 312 256 0 48-28 OSU -20
OSU 2017 172 69 494 167 -1 58-17 OSU -41
OSU 2016 250 204 252 228 -2 44-20 OSU -24
OSU 2015 191 30 381 202 -2 58-10 OSU -48
WVU 2018 206 80 332 177 1 38-22 WVU -16
WVU 2017 197 367 347 288 -2 56-34 WVU -22
WVU 2016 291 150 264 341 -1 48-21 WVU -27
WVU 2015 127 82 204 426 -1 49-0 WVU -49

When you’re a fan of a team that’s gone through a decade of losing it’s often hard to find any improvements outside of wins. But one thing is clear, Beaty’s teams are definitely getting better even if it hasn’t resulted in wins.

Against every Big 12 team they’ve faced this year Kansas has lowered their loss per game margin from 52 to 18. That’s a pretty significant difference.

And on top of that the defense is giving up less and less yards each game. But it’s clear the problems specifically lie with the offense.

Since Beaty’s first year there have been offensive improvements but they’ve been minimal. And they haven’t always translated into each game.

For instance, last year against WVU Kansas ran for 367 yards. This year they only ran for 80. It’s definitely an odd stat considering how high Pooka Williams is ranked among all RB’s in the FBS. A lot of that has to do with the play calling which we’ve seen has been a big issue throughout the years.

It’s also clear that Kansas has drastically improved their turnover margin each game. In every game the last three years they have a negative margin against each team in Baylor, Oklahoma State and West Virginia. This year against those same opponents they have turnover margins of 0, 0, and +1.

It’s obvious a big area of emphasis for this year’s team was to win the turnover battle each game. And even with the offense being so inconsistent winning the turnover margin has actually allowed them to stay in the games. This is definitely a positive but without a consistent offense, especially in the Big 12, it’ll be very difficult to finish those closer games.

Either way Kansas has absolutely seen improvement. And it makes sense with how the number of scholarship players has increased from about 51 in Beaty’s first year to roughly 75 this year.

Unfortunately those scholarship numbers will start to go back down starting next year then potentially plummeting all the way back down to around 50 in 2020. And it’s hard to imagine the team being better next year with losing guys like Joe Dineen, Keith Loneker, Steven Sims Jr., Kerr Johnson Jr., Jeremiah Booker, JJ Holmes and Daniel Wise.

And a lot of people will claim that Beaty has done a great job in recruiting, but that isn’t completely accurate. While he’s done a good job of bringing in talent he has not done a good job of managing the scholarship numbers which will continue to be a big issue the next five years.

At the end of the day Beaty hasn’t done horrible but he hasn’t been great. Let’s hope that he can pull off a few wins and/or at least stay competitive in most of the upcoming games. Even though I don’t see him coaching Kansas in 2019 it would still be a good thing for the future coach to have some momentum going into next year.

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4 Replies to “Big 12 Improvements From 2015-2018”

  1. “At the end of the day Beaty hasn’t done horrible but he hasn’t been great.” When I think of his record (5-37), it’s very difficult to call it anything but horrible. Just step back and think about that. Thirty-seven losses in three and a half years. I know you know this. I just can’t stand it any longer. The statistical improvements might be there from year one to year 4, but are they enough? As you say, they might be enough to give the next coach a nice springboard. I certainly hope that’s what Long is thinking. Since it seems Beaty will be finishing out the season, I hope that Long is planning Beaty’s replacement for next season. Beaty’s not coming back for a 5th year, is he?!?!

    1. No way Beaty will be back in 2019. The program simply can’t afford the repercussions from fans refusing to attend the games. They already lose enough money as it is and they’ll lose even more next year. Also I tried to be nice to Beaty for once. I firmly believe he hasn’t done horrible but he has in no way earned next year let alone this year.

  2. Chris this team has improved a fair amount from a year, no question. The trouble is when you lose by an average of 32 points per game in conference as we did a year ago it’s tough to turn those improvements into wins. There will be absolutely no spring board whatsoever for the next guy, he will most likely inherit a worse situation than Beaty with how he has screwed up the scholarships, one single verbal now for this class with Cundiff switching to Wisconsin. I see that the talent gap has closed against the B12 teams, the trouble is the gap in arguably the most important position group on field, Offensive line has not gotten any better. Multiple guys have been here for all of Beatys years at those positions and haven’t gotten any better with the revolving door at that coaching position and the grad transfers just haven’t produced like most have hoped. I’ll be honest I think if we had a solid coach we would be 4-2 and talking about how good of a chance we have to go bowling. The Nichols loss was inexcusable also Baylor and OK State shouldn’t have blown us out. If you don’t fire him for his joke of a record, you have to fire him for the lack of fan support. 18,000 people at our last home game and a couple thousand were Ok State fans. How many will be in the stands next home game after basketball has started? 12,000? 10,000?

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