Back to Reality Against Baylor

The hype is over, my friends.

Kansas traveled to Baylor and put on a show we expected from the beginning of the season only putting up 271 yards on offense and scoring one touchdown.

It’s been the same story every year under Beaty. We hear about all the tools they have on offense and how good they look. And then reality hits and once again Kansas ends dead last in the Big 12.

Why has this consistently been an issue under Beaty for the last four years? And will it ever change?

The first problem is Beaty is trying to run an air raid offense without air raid type players. Most teams in the Big 12 run this quick paced score as quick as possible type of offense. Where Kansas falls short is they don’t have the same talent. You can’t beat a team running the same type of offense if you don’t have the same type of players.

It also doesn’t help that Beaty doesn’t have a high football IQ. And if you need proof look no further than his excessive use of timeouts on fourth downs.

For example, Baylor had the ball fourth and short in their own territory. It appeared they may go for it but it became clear after the clock was running out that they’d take the delay of game penalty and punt the ball away.

Beaty then carelessly calls a timeout with only a few seconds left on the play clock. It was later discovered Kansas had 12 men on the field and if Baylor had hiked the ball it would give them a first down and another chance to score. The problem is Baylor didn’t even notice it and the QB wasn’t even lined up to hike the ball.

These are the things that kill Kansas, though. And Beaty’s lack of football IQ is exactly why they happen over and over again.

Although, one glimmer of hope was the Kansas defense. They held Baylor to only three points in the second half and only 447 total yards, which is well below their average.

Obviously there were a few plays where the defense was burned and Baylor scored. But they adjusted well and did everything they could to keep the team in the game.

Playing good defense won’t be enough in the Big 12, though. This Kansas team will need to score and they’ll need to do it often. And it all starts with QB play.

All three Kansas QB’s played at some point in the game, of which Carter Stanley stuck out to me the most. He did what he does best—made his reads and then tucked it and ran. He was also 4/6 passing and even passed for 67 yards. Kansas didn’t score with him in but they moved the ball.

The unfortunate part about Stanley’s playing time is it came too little too late. And the fact that he looked the best of all three QB’s goes to show Beaty doesn’t know how to evaluate talent.

Bender has had his moments where he’ll make a beautiful throw. Kendrick commands the offense more efficiently and runs like a RB. But Stanley has the ability to do both.

This lack of consistency at the QB position is exactly why this offense under Beaty will never succeed. I even made the point at the beginning of the year that I don’t care who starts just as long as that QB is the only QB.

This isn’t the case, once again, and the carousel of bringing in all three QB’s has failed.

But, even with all this I am optimistic that Kansas will still have a shot at a Big 12 game—at KSU.

Neither team is very good, it will just come down to who has their team better prepared.

Let’s just hope Beaty learns how to coach by then. Or maybe we’ll be lucky and rooting for an interim to finish the season strong.

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10 Replies to “Back to Reality Against Baylor”

  1. I agree with your assessment of Stanley. Yes, he was given garbage minutes, but he did look the most fluid of the three! Why not start Stanley and rotate in Kendrick, barring his shoulder injury? I’ve never thought Bender could succeed with our given weaknesses upfront, yet Beaty constantly goes back to him as starter based on his practice ability. It’s comparable to learning a process in the vacuum of the classroom, then stubbornly trying to apply it in real world settings when other factors significantly affect the outcome. I hope Jeff Long is seeing this too.

    1. I just wondering what Jeff Long is seeing and what he’s thinking. But we have to understand he’s an incredibly patient guy. He likely already knows what he wants to do but he’s going to have all his ducks in a row before doing it. Either way Beaty has proved he is no longer is capable.

      1. I don’t anticipate anything will happen until after the season is over. I think Long has said he doesn’t like to make coaching changes mid-season. I can see the logic behind this, even if deep down I’d love to make a change now.

  2. I would not be surprised if ku gets three big 12 wins. Yes the offense is horrible, but we have one of the best defenses in the big 12. This will probably create a lot of low scoring games. What I fear is that with bad coaching decision what could have been three or four big 12 wins will only be one or two. I think the only reasons we lose to KSU is because it’s on the road, because they have better coaching, and because they have better special teams. Our offense and defense is better than theirs. We will see. I just like to win games. I’m not rooting against this team because I would like for Dineen and wise and other seniors to go out with a bang.

    1. I could see KU beating KSU. And I could have seen them beating Baylor. But those are the only two I see as much of a chance. The other teams are either way too strong defensively or offenses are too high powered.

      1. I agree that KSU is the easiest game left. I think that KSU might be the worst team in the big 12. Isu is better than ku but isu to me is a situation where ku could win. Remember, it’s a home game and isu’s offense hasn’t been that great. I feel that our D will keep us in games for the most part. If we just had the 5th or 6th best offense in the big 12, we would definitely get 4 or 5 conference wins. The problem is that we are only the 8th or 9th best offense. That probably means 1-2 big 12 wins.

  3. I really don’t see how anyone could argue Beatys football IQ is even average at this point. The play calling is laughable at times and the guys being outta place pre snap on team loaded with upperclassmen speaks volumes to the coaching they have received. The defense surrendered more yards than I would like but only giving up 26 on the road in this conference is pretty good. The offensive line took a huge step back after doing well the previous few weeks and it doesn’t look to improve as Baylor’s run defense hasn’t been good before this game. I thought they gave pooka the ball too much and forgot about the other guys, he didn’t have much outside of a 72 yard. None of which was his fault, hard to gain yards when you are dodging tacklers before the line of scrimmage. If the defense can continue to play well and the offensive line can have one decent game we maybe able to steal a game yet this season but I wouldn’t bet on winning another.

    1. Other Big 12 teams will see how a 95th ranked run defense stopped a strong-or what WAS strong-rushing attack by Kansas. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see all other teams facing us stack the box and force whoever is at QB to throw the ball.

  4. All valid points. This coaching staff has no confidence in any of their QBs. As you said, Beaty just doesn’t have the mind to be a B12 head coach. He’s proven this over and over. While the D did a decent job of holding Baylor to 3 points in the second half, Bowen needed to make adjustments sooner than half time. I think there are still issues in nearly all phases of the game for KU, so I don’t really have any answers other than it’s time for a regime change. KU makes a change in the head coach, or we wait and hope Beaty learns incrementally year after year.

    1. Beaty is a great guy but Long should know by now he’s not going to learn. It’s year four and if he goes back to watch tape of his other years he’ll see the same issues exist. Too little too late for Beaty.

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