Royals Roundup: KC vs MIL

A Look Back: First time for everything….

For the first time in 2018, the Royals won a series.  The first game of the double header on Friday resulted in a series loss dating back to the beginning of the month.  We went on to win two of three in this weekends series, and man it felt good to not look completely incompetent.  Bats were hot and starting pitching with the exception of Saturday was excellent.  Hamel and Junis combined for seventeen innings pitched while allowing just four earned runs in the double header.  The rest of the weekend was full of ups and downs, and a still-bad bull pen that legitimately has two pitchers I’m confident can come on in a pinch and provide relief in Herrera and Hill.

Upcoming Schedule: 

Tuesday and Wednesday feature Milwaukee coming to town and kick off a stretch of fourteen games in thirteen days for the Royals.  The Brewers are the eighth youngest team in the MLB and remind me of the 2014 and 2015 Royals.  They’re fast, confident, and have an “it” factor that’s hard to figure out.  In their last four games, they’ve scored thirty runs, in the four games prior they only scored twelve.  They’re vulnerable to decent pitching and defense.  If we can contain their offense, we’ll do just fine.  Pitching match ups are as follows:

  • I. Kennedy: 1-2 2.35 ERA (KC) vs Z. Davies: 1-2 4.84 ERA (MIL) 
  • Kennedy had his worst outing of the year the last time out lasting five innings and allowing four earned runs.  His last two starts he’s struggled a little with pitch count and earned runs.  Time for him to correct his course and give the Royals a chance at their longest winning streak of the season of two games (yes I’m calling two games a streak).
  • If Davies’ track record on the season holds true, he’s going to struggle through this one. in four starts he’s allowed six, one, five, and zero runs respectively.  Obviously it’s in his best interest to find consistency, but I hope he doesn’t find it here.
  • J. Hamel: 0-1 3.20 ERA  (KC) vs Ch. Anderson: 2-1 3.25 ERA (MIL) 
  • Hamel is proving me wrong.  In his first start of the season he tossed five innings and accumulated a 9.00 ERA.  In the three since, 20.1 innings accompanied by a 1.77 ERA.  I’m still not sold that he’s going to be viable throughout the year.  Prove me wrong.
  • Anderson isn’t really stretched out.  If we get his pitch count up early, we should be able to get this game out of reach and start thinking about Wednesday.
  • I wouldn’t be surprised if we do things the Royals way against him and get no-no’d. He’s not a strike out pitcher and he doesn’t walk many.  His stuff is average by MLB standards.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we do things the Royals way against him and get no-no’d. 

Chicago White Sox come to town for a weekend series at Kauffman and offer up the third double header for the Royals in the last (what will be) four series.  Check back Wednesday afternoon for a preview and as always like, share, and subscribe!

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