5 Realistic Predictions for 2019

Now that you’ve seen my bold predictions, how about some more realistic predictions for the first Kansas football season under Les Miles?

These predictions won’t be so bold, but if you’re a Kansas fan don’t be discouraged. This is Miles’ first year as head coach for a program that has been at the bottom of the Big 12 for a decade. It won’t change overnight and this year will still have its ups and downs.

Having said that, let’s dig right in.

  • Kansas won’t make a bowl game this year but they’ll finish with four wins, which will mark the most wins in a single season since 2009 when Mark Mangino had five in his final season. It may not be a bowl game, but four wins will still be a huge success for the program. We have to remember Miles only had a few weeks to put together an early signing day class as soon as he came in. And then he only had a few months to finish that class in February. He also has to install a new offense and defense and get everyone on the same page. Miles will have a new lead LB, new defensive lineman and a new QB. These are all very key positions and will definitely be a factor into how the season plays out. Either way, four wins would be a solid first season.
  • It’s finally the year where Kansas will beat K-State. This hasn’t happened since the 2008 season when they won 52-21. Kansas has K-State at home this year and with both teams having new coaches I feel Kansas finally pulls it off. It’ll be a close game and come down to the end, potentially a last second field goal, but this win will be the turning point of Kansas football.
  • The QB carousel will still be in full effect. We’ll see Thomas MacVittie as the starter but we’ll also see a lot of Carter Stanley. Having said that we’ll witness the best QB play since the Todd Reesing days. Not saying we’ll see another Todd Reesing, but it’ll be clear what a QB looks like who has a real football coach. I also don’t see any QB getting over 2,000 passing yards on the year, which won’t be a huge deal as long as the running game is what we expect it to be.
  • Pooka Williams will once again lead the Big 12 running backs in yards per game and also lead in total yards and touchdowns. This may seem like a bold prediction but he’s so good I see the ball being in his hands quite often. I also feel like Miles and staff will be creative with how they use him. With so many quality running backs I could see Pooka even lined up in the slot at times or in a two back set. Either way the more the ball is in Pooka’s hands the better the offense will be.
  • Kansas will lose at Boston College but will win two Big 12 games, the most they’ve won since the 2008 season. They’ll have West Virginia, Texas Tech and Kansas State at home, all teams that have new coaches and are in the rebuilding process. Kansas will also have the most experienced coach out of the four teams and this is why I see them getting those two wins. And if I had to predict it I’d say they’ll beat Texas Tech and Kansas State.

Hopefully these are some more realistic predictions for the 2019 season.

The thought of Les Miles being the head coach makes many Kansas fans reach for the stars and hope for a bowl game, but I wouldn’t quite envision that just yet. There is a lot of work to be done, but if he does make a bowl game it’ll be one of the most incredible turnarounds many people have ever witnessed.

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One Reply to “5 Realistic Predictions for 2019”

  1. Nice predictions. I think I pretty much agree with you on these. This team will obviously be better coached, but will also have to adapt to a new system. 4 wins sounds about right. Losing Dineen, Wise, Sims, Rui, Taylor, and Wirtel doesn’t help things either as those guys were all pretty good.

    Hey, I just wanted to apologize to you. I don’t want to put any more out in the public other than that. DM me and I will explain. I appreciate what you do man. KU football needs knowledgeable people like you. Hopefully we are both wrong in our predictions and KU wins 6 or 7. That would sure be exciting.

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