5 Bold Predictions – Kansas Basketball

With exhibition play starting in the next couple of weeks I wanted to put some bold predictions out there for the Kansas basketball team. Some of these predictions may not be as bold while others may be just out right crazy. But you tell me.

  • KJ Lawson will eventually be a starter and he’ll even finish in the top three in points per game on team. There’s no doubt this guy is crazy talented and it showed at Late Night. I think he’s often tucked deep within his brother’s shadow (Dedric Lawson) and can be overlooked. But I’m confident once he gets his time on the court KJ will make the best of it and he’ll really surprise a lot of KU fans.
  • Kansas will win its 15th Conference Title in a row by going undefeated in conference play but they’ll lose in the Big 12 title game. The first part of this bold prediction seems just about impossible as the Big 12 is a gauntlet unlike any other. You don’t only play all teams once, but you have to go through them twice which allows them to be more familiar with your game. The problem Kansas will create this year is they have so much depth they will wear teams down. And it won’t always be the same guys stepping up. I also feel this could be one of Self’s best defensive teams and really cause a lot of problems for all other teams not named K-State.
  • Charlie Moore will start every game at PG the entire year. I’m sure this won’t be a popular prediction as Devon Dotson is a stud, but he’s also a freshman. It’s also worth noting that Charlie Moore worked with Larry Brown overseas and one can only imagine he got better. Self has also lauded his ability to not only distribute the ball but his scoring ability as well. Regardless of who starts, though, both will see significant playing time and have great years.
  • Udoka Azubuike will shoot over 60% from free throw this year. This is the bold prediction that just might be crazy instead of bold. In his two years at Kansas Doke has shot 37.9% in 2016-17 and 41.3% in 2017-18. It seems pretty far-fetched that he’d be able to increase that by 20% but crazier things have happened. And I’m sure one of the biggest things NBA scouts told Doke is that his shooting needs to drastically improve if he wants to have a successful NBA career. Being that he’s one of the hardest workers on the team I’m confident he took plenty of time this year to work on just that and it’ll show both on the floor and from the free throw line.
  • Kansas will not only win the National Title but they’ll win every game by double digits. I’m not saying it’ll be easy by any means, but by the end of each game Kansas will wear their opponents down and be able to break away. There isn’t a team in the country that has the depth this team has. And it’s the type of depth the team has that’ll really set them apart. Kansas has five big men in Mitch Lightfoot, Udoka Azubuike, Dedric Lawson, David McCormack and Silvio De Sousa that could just about start for any team in the country. Heck, Kansas could put all five on the court if they wanted to. I’m sure it wouldn’t be very effective but it’d definitely be entertaining to watch Mitch run the point. Either way this team is primed to play great defense and they’ll be able to throw a lot of things offensively at their opponents that will keep guessing and honest.

Of all these bold predictions I’m really hoping number five makes me look like a genius. And we don’t even have to win each NCAA Tournament game by double digits, just as long as we win it.

Also, Self needs another title and I think this team gives him the best chance that he’s had in a while. Either way, buckle up my friends because it’s going to be a fun year!

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3 Replies to “5 Bold Predictions – Kansas Basketball”

  1. I can see KJ being a starter, eventually. Nobody runs the table. KU will win the 15th title, but they’ll still lose 3 or 4 games in conference play. I’m not sold on Charlie Moore. His lackluster play this summer might be a predictor of things to come. I can see Dotson winning the starting role, eventually. Udoka’s free throw percentage will be between 50-55% this season. They have a great chance to win the national title, but they have a great chance every year.

  2. I’ll be honest, I get a little worried when people throw around national title talk without seeing this team play. Those years seem to be the worst in the postseason for us. I’m worried about the 3 point shooting, last year we had 4 shooters on the floor with Doke most of the time. Vick may have to carry the load from outside. I think we could easily lose to Michigan State right outta the gates. People forget there are a ton of new faces on this team that haven’t played together a whole lot. I’d be shocked if there isn’t a adjustment period early in the season. If I was coaching against us I’d pack the lane full with a zone and make us prove we can hit from the outside. Bill will probably go back to his high-low offense that he hasn’t really ran in 3 or 4 years. I’m not saying it can’t work but it seems basketball in general is moving towards small ball at a high rate. A good 3 point shooter used to shoot it at 35% now it’s around 45% and obviously 3 points is great that 2. I’m ready to get the season going forsure but let’s be honest, we’ve had the talent to win several NC since Selfs been here and just haven’t got the job done for whatever reason outside of 08.

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