5 Bold Predictions for 2019

The Les Miles era has begun and his first game as the Kansas football head coach is less than 40 days away.

There’s no denying the excitement around the program. It’s suffered for far too long and it’s time to break out of the cellar of the Big 12.

With that in mind I’ve decided to come up with five bold predictions for this season.

Keep in mind these are BOLD predictions and not just predictions. If they make you think “what the heck is this guy thinking” then I’ll consider them successful.

  1. Last year Pooka Williams ended the year with 1,414 scrimmage yards, with 1,125 being rushing and 289 being receiving. He also added a total of nine touchdowns. It was a great year, but I predict he’ll do even better in 2019. How much better? I’m boldly predicting he ends up with over 2,000 scrimmage yards and at least doubles his touchdown total. The Kansas offense will be better this year than it has been in previous years and Williams will benefit from it the most. He’ll miss the first game but look for the ball to be in his hands as often as it can be. Williams will also have something to prove and he’ll be looking to take some of that negative attention off his back.
  2. Kansas’ biggest upset the last decade has been over Texas. It was the first time they had beaten Texas in over half a century, but that Texas team wasn’t that impressive. And if we’re being honest it may have been the worst victory in the history of Kansas football because it got Beaty another two years. Which has proven to be a complete waste of time. But this year Kansas will get a big time upset and it’ll really prove that they mean business. I boldly predict Kansas will beat Oklahoma. The game is on their home turf and Kansas has a legitimate chance to be 5-0 going into it. Les Miles also has a pretty good track record with Oklahoma as he beat them twice with Oklahoma State. One of those times was during his first year as head coach. Can you imagine, though? Kansas being 6-0 with a win over Oklahoma? My left butt cheek would be trembling but the buzz in Lawrence would be off the chain!
  3. Kansas hasn’t had a QB throw for over 2,000 yards in one season since Todd Reesing. That may not seem that far away but it absolutely is. This program is in desperate need of mediocre QB play. And I think this year is the year for it. I boldly predict that Thomas MacVittie will throw for over 2,000 yards. I don’t see Kansas throwing the ball a ton, but when they do MacVittie will be accurate and his receivers will create a lot extra yards after the catch. This will allow him to eclipse the 2,000 yard mark and be the first to do so since Reesing.
  4. The last time Kansas football had a coach of the year was Mark Mangino during the year of the Orange Bowl. He at one point had Kansas ranked number two in the nation, which I believe is the best ranking they’ve ever received. This year, Les Miles will also win coach of the year, but it’ll be Big 12 coach of the year. Kansas won’t have the best record in the conference, but given their history and how successful Miles will be during his first year, it’ll be much deserved.
  5. Bowl games have been a thing of the past for Kansas football, and since the Mangino days they haven’t even come close. In the last nine years they haven’t won more than three games in a single season. This year will be the one that breaks that streak, though. Under Les Miles, Kansas will make a Bowl Game and they will win that Bowl Game. This will set the expectations for the rest of Miles time at Kansas that a Bowl Game is expected every year.

There you have it, five bold predictions for this year. You can love them, hate them or even call my therapist to increase my dose, but I’m sticking with them.

I do hope you enjoy and don’t forget—The Jayhawks Are Coming!!

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  1. These are fairly bold, I have KU winning 4 games this season. Which is more than I have predicted since 2010 or 11. I think getting over that 3 win hump is huge for recruiting and moral of the program. I still don’t think bowling will be doable til 2021. If Miles was hired one year earlier and we still had guys like Wise, Dineen, Booker and Sims, I’d say we have a fair shot at it (lost 3 games LY by combined 14 points). I think there are to many questions to answered up front defensively, at QB and the WR group to go crazy.

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