5 Bold KU Football Predictions – Positive Edition

College football season is right around the corner, my friends. Granted us KU fans probably don’t have much to be excited about, especially after what we’ve witnessed the last eight years. But what if this year Kansas struck gold and had a lucky streak that took them all the way to a bowl game? It’s not impossible, right? I know, don’t get ahead of myself. Bold predictions like that end peoples careers.

But speaking of bold predictions, here is a more realistic list of five positive bold predictions for this year’s Kansas football team. I say ‘positive’ because this Friday I’ll be doing a ‘negative’ list, so stay tuned for that.

Anyway, let’s see if any of these can actually happen…

  • Kansas will have a QB throw for over 2,000 yards in a season for the first time since Todd Reesing. Yes, it’s been that long. With the experience at WR and the new additions to the OL I think this is definitely something that could happen. My biggest concern is are the coaches game planning properly and have they developed the QB’s enough to take advantage? We’ll find out soon enough.
  • The road losing streak will end at Central Michigan on 9/8. This game is set up perfectly for Kansas as they return a huge part of their roster while CMU lost most of theirs. If they can play to their potential and stay fired up this could be the game that finally gets KU football going in the right direction.
  • Kansas will stun KSU and beat them on their home turf, thus starting the retirement process of Bill Snyder. They’ve had a few close games with KSU the last few years and I think this year could be the one that gets them. As it sits KSU is sitting at about the middle of the pack in the Big 12 and like KU will have a lot of questions on offense. But If Kansas can stay consistent and get the ball moving anything could happen.
  • The Kansas defense will end the year ranked in the top 5 of the Big 12. There will be some new faces on defense this year, but there are a lot of returning faces too. With guys like Dineen, Wise and Lee you can’t help but imagine how good this year’s defense could be. As long as the new comers get up to speed quick and they push the guys ahead of them, this defense could be nasty.
  • David Beaty will win five games and show that Kansas can finally turn the corner. But after the season Jeff Long will sit down with Beaty to have a post season discussion, going over every detail of the program under his watch. This meeting will ultimately end in the parting of ways. Beaty will get his $3 million due to him and Long will head out on the road to find the new Kansas football coach. He won’t have to look too long though because Jason Candle, the current Toledo coach, will be chomping at the bit to join the same conference as his predecessor, Matt Campbell. And this is where the ISU and KU football rivalry will be renewed as Kansas lands itself a home-run coaching hire.

Obviously these are some insane bold predictions, but I wouldn’t be writing about KU football if I was sane, right? Exactly. But let’s hope just maybe one of these bold predictions does come true (I’m rooting for the last one) and we have a season that leaves us with hope in our hearts.

Clear eyes, full hearts…can’t lose?

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